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Beneath a green and gold proprietary signpost in a red brick downtown Mount Holly shop, VILLAGE IDIOT BREWING COMPANY came to existence in 2013. A prohibition-styled pub with straightforward homemade artisanal beers on draught, its cozy neighborhood feel gets reinforced by the beautiful antique wood mural (at the 12-seat right side bar) plus olden wood floors, furnishings, booths and tables.

Founded by long-time homebrewers Vince Masciandaro and Rich Palmay, Village Idiot enjoys treating its guests to both “traditional and unusual fun ales.” Each small batch brew emulates from the brew tanks in the back. Former home of Bridgetown Pub, Village Idiot preserved the original tables strewn about the bar.

Visited mid-April 2023, I downed eight fine rounded brews prior to dinner on a sunny Friday afternoon.

Lightly creamed pale malted Hipster Lager combined lemony orange fizzing with mild herbage and musky hop astringency.

Smooth summertime light body, Bridgetown Blonde Ale left mild lemon spritz on its doughy white bread base.

Traditional pale ale, Bike Rail, let brisk floral-daubed lemony orange zesting and astringent wood tones softly rise above dry pale malting.

Lemony banana-clove entry of Folestephaner Hefeweizen sweetened its white-peppered lemongrass zesting.

Nitrogenated Monkey’s Breath Banana Bread placed caramelized banana bread sweetness next to sugar-rimmed cinnamon toasting and stayed not far removed from Wells Banana Bread.

Dry West Coast IPA, Hoptimizer, contrasted brisk orange-peeled grapefruit bittering against peachy pineapple tanginess as grassy hop astringency settled atop mildly creamed pilsner-like malts.

Sweet brown chocolate coated the creamy peanut buttering and honeyed Graham Cracker base of Peanut Butter Cup Porter, recalling Reese’s Puff cereal.

Smoothly creamed Elvis Is In The Building, a chewy peanut butter and banana dessert treat, gained bittersweet hazelnut-glazed cocoa nibs richness.