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Just south of Greenville in the sleepy rural confines of downtown Winterville, NAUTI DOG BREWING COMPANY opened for biz January 24, 2020. Serving stylishly popular, slightly whimsical beers making use of the region’s natural mineral water, this cozy brick-bound neighborhood pub also serves fine local wines.

Nauti Dog’s ten-seat wood lacquered bar (featuring 12-pus draughts) serves a few right side tables, separate left side space and outdoor patio. A centralized mirror with polka dot-bikini stealin’ Nauti Dog insignia backs the bar. The white ceiling-tiled Edison bulbs light the rustically furnished concrete floored nanobrewery (and 2 TV’s provide sports entertainment).

My wife and I visited July ’21 on the way to Sunset Beach to taste eight shadily straightforward suds.

Lime-rimmed Vienna lager, The Last Girl, brought dried apricot tartness and slight fern-like nuttiness to washed-out dewy rye malting.

Dewy tobacco-leafed mossing crisped amber ale, Chill Out Gary, leaving faded date-fig snips.

Easygoing pale lagered dry body, Rascal Cream Ale, let corn-dried minerality settle below its sour lemon rot swag.

Soft orange-peeled coriander sweetness caressed witbier, Bark At The Moon, overriding its salty herbal spicing.

A whimsical oak-aged beige-hazed gose, Sub-Lime, offered salted lemon-limed zesting to orange-peeled yellow grapefruit tartness and mild agave cologne in offbeat Margarita fashion.

Spiced orange fizz, apple-skinned tannins and pear white tea herbage subtle grazed leafy hop foliage above mild toasted amber graining for Helkamp Irish Red.

Modest grapefruit-peeled orange rind bittering settled alongside grassy pine hop astringency as wispy pineapple-passionfruit-guava-gooseberry souring underscored Lucky 13 IPA.

Vibrant NEIPA, Astro-Nautical Haze, exuded pulpy orange-juiced grapefruit zesting and tangy pineapple-mango salting for its latent piney hop insistence.