In a red brick marketplace complex alongside vintage coal-run railroad cars, New Hope’s TRIUMPH BREWING (whose original brewpub centers nearby Princeton) offered light American cuisine to go with seven fine easy-appealing beers and ales, December ’05. The high-ceilinged bi-leveled pub had a railroad-sidled patio and a small stage for acoustic music near the back seating area.

Cascade-hopped fig-tongued rye-finishing Amber Ale, earthy vegetal-fronted, white peach-sweet, brown pear-skinned, persimmon-soothed Double Amber, evergreen-fresh red-fruited seasonal Winter Wonder, perfume-dried apple-peach-grape-toned Bengal Gold India Pale Ale, and rain-watered coffee-roasted Irish Dry Stout mostly alleviate medium-bodied appetites.

Light yellow-fruited clean-watered phenol-smudged Lager and elegant wildflower-honeyed straw-hay-induced soft-hopped Honey Wheat suit tender thirsts.

At Jersey’s quaint Trap Rock Brewery in February ’09, had partial growler of Triumph Jewish Rye, a perfect liquid rye bread re-creation with caraway-seeded licorice-spiced pumpernickel breading, and one pint of dry hop-roasted coffee-beaned espresso-tinged cocoa-powdered Triumph Coffee N Cream Stout.

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