As of April 2016, Twin Lakes moved to Newport, Delaware, and were getting set to reopen at its new location. Jack Wick will continue as headbrewer, but the ownership and farm house spot have changed. Below is an old review.

Though not open as of February ‘06 visitation, TWIN LAKES BREWING, located 5 miles west of Wilmington on an old Dupont Estate in Greenville, began selling keg versions of its three mainstay beers by November ’07 excursion. Though Cromwell’s Tavern (1 miles east) was temporarily out, found Twin Lakes brews at shaker-styled Buckley’s Tavern, a hearth-warmed garden-decked pub four miles northwest in Centreville.

Moderate-bodied Cascade-hopped Greenville Pale Ale had piney grapefruit rind bitterness, dried tobacco spell, rye-vegetal nuance, and distant lemon-tangerine-cherry tinge while crisp Route 52 Pilsner offered lemony grapefruit-pineapple balm atop corn-sugared wheat-husk. Dry-bodied Tweed’s Tavern Stout brought hop-charred barley roast to coffee embittered cocoa linger. Hadn’t tried other mainstays, Winterthur Wheat and Caesar Rodney Golden Ale, as of 2010.

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