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Awesome large-scaled production facility with kingly metal-gated entrance leading to beautiful fire-pitted bocci ball lawn and expansive multi-bar interior with gigantic brew tanks, Virginia Beach’s prominent NEW REALM BREWING COMPANY lies a few miles Southwest of the Atlantic Ocean on the outskirts of town.

Doing yeoman’s work maintaining the candid slogan ‘rethink tradition, bend the rules and reconfigure boundaries,’ New Realm’s first brewery (20,000 square feet) opened in Atlanta, December 2017. This second location, with its spectacular inddor-outdoor setup, began operations in 2018 as a restaurant/ beer garden.

A red-bricked, black slate-topped open air bar awaits those preferring outdoor dining. Inside, the cement-floored, gray-walled main pub features community tables and seats plus two TV’s sidling the 20-plus central taps. Three glass-windowed garage doors lead to the capacious back-spaced, silver-tanked brew room.

During my sunshiny July ’20 noontime visit with wife, daughter and dog, Roscoe, grabbed a few seats at the far right lawn under a few trees to try three supreme ‘big’ beers, a fruitful wit, an Imperial IPA and two stellar stouts.

New Realm Brewing Opens New Location in Virginia Beach ...

Juicy tangerine tanginess gained lemon-soured pineapple, passionfruit and peach zest for stylishly ambitious Sunset Passion  Wit, leaving floral-spiced herbage upon the gin-nipped tropical fruited finish.

Juniper-nipped citrus zest splashed Mas Mucho Double India Pale Ale, bringing orange-peeled sweetness to lingered lemon-soured grapefruit bittering and tertiary pineapple-peach tang alongside dank pine tones.

Exquisite Rum Barrel Aged Quad (Wooded Reserve) brought caramelized Barbados rum sugaring to embracing vanilla-creamed chocolate sweetness and pureed raisin-prune-date dried fruiting plus toffee-spiced creme brulee alacrity.

Sweet cherry-flambeed bourbon warmth luxuriated Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad (Wooded Reserve), a lusciously complex full body with vanilla-sugared brown chocolate sweetness coating glaze-spiced raisin, plum and prune illusions in a dewy earthen setting.

Caramel-burnt sea salting welcomed charmingly fudged confectionery Chocolate Sea Salt Imperial Ale, anchored by toffee-sugared maple oats.

Piquantly candi-sugared brown chocolate sweetness guided Spiced Stout, a distinct dessert beer with ginger-snapped cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cumin and anise seasoning.

Bourbon vanilla spicing topped Doomsday Hound Imperial Stout – Bourbon Barrel, a rich chocolate-sweet nightcap with ancillary dark-roast coffee, toasted coconut and marshmallow illusions receiving a mild oak-charred bittering.      


The Bunker Brewpub - Virginia Beach, VA - Party Venue


Just a block away from the oceanfront, ambitious Virginia Beach haven, BUNKER BREWPUB & CADENCE HALL offers nearby Young Veteran Brewing Company’s rangy fare in a seafood-friendly concert venue.

A cozy fenced-in porch leads to the front door of this red brick pub. Opposing the curved right side gray marble-topped bar (with four separate tap stations and electronic beer list) are several metal-wood tables and decorative wood barrels.

In the rear, Cadence Hall offers a secondary twelve-tap bar, rear band stage, comfy couch section and black art deco ambiance.

General Manager Chris Holyfield was friendly enough to be my guide this steamy Friday afternoon, July ’20.


The Bunker Brewpub - Virginia Beach, VA - Party Venue

The lightest offering, Life Finds A Way Helles Lager, combined raw-honeyed sourdough wheat breading with mildly herbal-vegetal Saaz hops in traditionalist manner.

Flagship staple, Commander In Peach Hazy IPA, allowed pureed peach tartness to penetrate sharp orange-peeled grapefruit, pineapple and tangerine tanginess as well as yogurt-milked lactose souring and resinous pine tones.

Tart juice bomb, Bottom Rock Raspberry IPA, blasted piquant raspberry luster past mild citrus bittering and sour cranberry-crabapple tingle.

Clear golden wheat ale, Pineapple Grenade, let its tangy pineapple spritz stay subtle over wheat-cracked pale malts.

Bitterly brisk and refreshingly zestful NEIPA, Hazies In A Half Shell, furnished juniper-hopped grapefruit and orange rind bittering with tart gooseberry-blackberry-blueberry notions.

Blue raspberry Gummy Bear knockoff, Gummy Neutron, a sour IPA, brought raspy blueberry tartness to lemon-candied piquancy over honeyed wheat sugaring.

Bringing subtle pomegranate souring to the fore, The Revolting Blob Hazy IPA gained tart green grape, gooseberry and guava notions above grassy-hopped barnyard leathering.

Updated Citra-hopped IPA staple, Jet Noise, regaled orange-peeled grapefruit bittering with spicy peach-mango sweetness and mild guava souring in a crystalline vodka-like 9% ABV fuselage.


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Just a few blocks off the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach’s cultural arts enclave – known as the ‘Vibe Creative District’ to locals – VIBRANT SHORE BREWING COMPANY opened its doors November ’19. The passionate full-time hobby of ex-homebrewer Rhett Rebold (a former CIA agent), this beachy Industrial-styled bohemian pub specializes in well-balanced Euro-styled brews to go alongside fine Americanized fare.

Featuring a sidelong bright blue Neptune mural, reclaimed wood interior with granite top bar and rooftop beergarden (with 6-seat serving station, four umbrella-covered tables and strung Edison lights), Vibrant Shore offers 16 draught handles. Left side tables fill out the bar area and an overhead garage door connects the pub to the front patio while brew tanks take up the back space. Vivid painted panels cover the walls of the cement-floored pub area and a partial mezzanine area provides more seating.

Yoga at Vibrant Shore Brewing Company | Virginia Beach

Dewy earthen fungi skewered raw-honeyed dried fig for Better Than The Devil Vienna Lager, letting casual caramelized malts cushion moist tobacco, cola nut and date palm nuances.

Briskly clean Artistic Austerity Kolsch combined dry Noble-hopped grassing, celery-watered herbage and delicate mineral graining for its sedate orange-candied lemon rind souring.

Candied raspberry tartness swept over oceanic lemon salting for kettle-soured Jack the Dripper Gose, a summery libation with a cushy pilsner-malted white wheat bottom.

Smooth English pale ale, The Royal Fuggler, accessed British Goldings-Fuggle-hopped herbage to relegate its sour lemondrop respite, dry barnyard leathering and -floral cologned whim.

Floral-perfumed hop fruiting doused The Future Juicy IPA, a refreshing pilsner-malted moderation leaving gin-soaked citrus tanginess and mild gooseberry-guava tartness upon its soft wood base.

Dark chocolate fudging and muddy coffee licks received lactic milk souring to intensify Special Signature Milk Stout, a dry mocha sendoff this sweltering early evening, July ’20.


Expansion plans approved for RAR Brewing | News |


Just a few blocks from Cambridge Creek in Chesepeake Bay’s quaint Eastern Shore barrier, RAR BREWING (a.k.a. Reale Ale Revival) began its journey as a ‘big time small town’ pub in summer 2013. Alongside several local independent downtown shops, RAR’s casual sportsbar atmosphere, light pub fare and well-balanced brews will please mainstream commoners and advanced thirsts.

Dual black RAR awnings greet customers to this former Cambridge pool hall. A convenient overhead-doored serving station benefits outdoor summertime seating. The left side bar features 12 taps of continuously rotating original fare as well as a TV, blackboard beer menu and beer infuser (for mixed one-off concoctions). Inits first seven years, RAR has crafted nearly 100 different beers.

The separate right side dining area provides varnished red oak tables and booths, white and black tiled floor plus cool mod pop artwork.

My wife and I got seats in the makeshift roadside patio (due to Wuhan Virus) on one-hour stopover, July ’20.

More picutres of inside - Picture of RAR Brewing, Cambridge ...

Revealing evenly flavored tropical fruiting, Citra-hopped West Coast IPA, Nanticoke Nectar, retained an engagingly juicy grapefruit-orange bittering and sweet mango-nectarine tang above mild pine resin. Meanwhile, similarly styled Grapefruit Nectar brought mildly embittered yellow grapefruit splendor to tangerine-spiced tanginess over dry pale malts.

Lemondrop-candied banana and clove tartness surfaced for Groove City Hefe, exposing light floral-nipped herbal snips at the understated yellow-fruited finish.

Tropical Sabro hops allow easygoing grapefruit, orange, tangerine, mango, pineapple and coconut enticement to spread across floral-spiced cedar planking for Amatuer Sketch, a Double IPA.

Coffee-dried nuttiness and bittersweet dark chocolate consumed dark ale flagship, Bucktown Brown, gaining brown-sugared glazed walnut illusions at the caramelized mocha finish.


Adventurous brandy-port aged ‘old ale’ reverberates convincingly with lavish liquor luster. Lovely cherry-bruised cognac warmth guides rum-buttered whiskey nip and orange-candied Grand Marnier snip in creamily caramelized vanilla setting. It spiced brandy flourish lightens the acrid fusel esters consuming the port-wined bourbon finish.

Clown Shoes The Ballad of Minnie Quay


Luxurious mocha-whiskeyed nightcap (with lofty 11% ABV) offers hickory-smoked bourbon warmth to vanilla-beaned black chocolate tenacity and lively sherry-port-burgundy wining. Molasses-sugared toasted coconut, marshmallow and chocolate cake sweetness contrasts espresso-dried charcoal bitterness underscoring boozy cocoa-nibbed bourbon whiskey finish. Heavenly!

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On tap at Oscar’s Alehouse, luscious Tiramisu-inspired pastry stout scrumptiously fuses creamily chocolate-sauced cocoa nibs, vanilla beans and Sump Columbian coffee beans with fudgy caramelized molasses sugaring. Ample creme brulee, chocolate mousse, buttered rum cake and frosted brownie sweetness seeps into honey-spiced rye breading of enticingly rich mocha dessert collaboration.

Perennial / 2nd Shift Intentionally Indulgent Imperial Stout ...


On tap at Growler & Gill, creamily fudged mahogany-hued nitro porter resounds as smoky maple-sugared buckwheat pancake battering enjoins pastry-caked cookie dough richness of sweet breakfast treat. Nitrogenation provides smooth flow for otherwise syrupy molasses-like seduction. Ancillary glazed chocolate donut, chocolate babka, cocoa nibs and vanilla illusions broaden scope even further.

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