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Elicit Brewing in Manchester opens with food, cocktails, karaoke and arcade  games - Hartford Courant


“Restaurateurs at heart and beer drinkers by liver,” ELICIT BREWING COMPANY began proving that motto November 2019. Inside a spacious red brick warehouse right along the Adams Mill Trail in Manchester, Connecticut’s rural wooded area just outside its small urban center, Elicit pairs brewer Brian Ayers’ wonderful rotating liquid fare and fab one-off concoctions with respectable pub food.

A large front deck and even roomier rear Beergarden (with spiffy Marilyn Monore wall painting, two firepits, patio furnishings and stringed Edison lights) surround the epoxy-floored, high ceilinged millhouse. Combining a beer hall, cocktail bar, lounge and arcade, Elicit offers fifty draught lines (with a bakers dozen home brews plus several local elixirs) at its white marble-topped bar.

A comfy foyer welcomes patrons to the sportsbar-like brew house. Right side community tables and high-back seating are available and to the left are windowed brew tanks and a separate kitchen. The brick walls are decorated by dramatic curved PVC beams. Several games sidle the main space.

My wife and I grab pizza and tacos for dinner while consuming thirteen rangy suds at the Beergarden September ’20. The following day, we took the dog for a walk along the river-bound Adams Mill Trail.

Elicit Brewing in Manchester opens with food, cocktails, karaoke and arcade  games - Hartford Courant

Corn-sugared lemon snips and floral perfumed spicing seeped into musky wet grains and herbal Tettnanger hops for German-styled Das Crisp Boi, a fine pilsner-Vienna malted pale lager.

Lemon-spiced crystal malt sweetness and grassy hop astringency plied Resilience Pale Ale, leaving a trail of guava, gooseberry and green grape tartness.

Spiced red-orange fruiting gained toasted caramel sweetness and a nutty remnant for Speling Bee Champion, a durable misspelled red ale with pithy lemon and tangerine peel illusions.

Stylishly dryer due to Hallertau Blanc-hopped green grape esters, Hefe Lifting brought mild white-peppered herbage to standard hefeweizen banana-clove spicing.

Juicy pineapple puree tartness embittered the lemony banana-clove expectancy of Yodeling Cherubs Pineapple Hefeweizen, a sharply tropical fruited offshoot of Hefe Lifting.

Lemony grapefruit zest brightened its bittersweet peach adjunct for crisply clean Doin’ Just Peachy, a spritzy fruited wheat ale with mild wood lacquering seeping into the honeyed wheat spine.

Lemon-soured green grape esters fronted Little Bo Blanc, an herbal Hallertau Blanc-hopped saison with leathery barnyard acridity countering the sweet wheat base.

Pink Himalayan sea-salted  gose, Dueling Libations Margarita, sprayed freshly-squeezed blood orange-pureed key lime tartness atop Tequila-twisted agave for a perfect cocktail re-creation.

Lactic Dueling Libations Pina Colada unleashed creamy vanilla sweetness upon lemony orange zest, pineapple puree and coconut rum nearly as convincingly as its Margarita competition.

Sunny tropical fruiting gained honey-spiced pale malting for Drink This Outdoors, a sessionable IPA with yellow grapefruit, orange, pineapple and peach luster.

Extraordinary Marriage Counseling Double IPA stayed briskly clean as rummy pineapple-coconut tropicalia sweetened its lemony orange zesting and tangy peach reminder above sugary pale malts.

Black-malted dark chocolate dryness embellished Eligible Bachelor, a mildly nutty brown ale with light coffee roast.

Freeze-dried coffee tones led Nostrovia!, a slightly bitterer Imperial Stout with ashen walnut contrasting glazed hazelnut sugaring beneath the java surface.


Labyrinth Brewing Company


Three ‘beer wizards’ control the tanks at Manchester, Connecticut’s LABYRINTH BREWING COMPANY, a rustically retro warehoused brewpub opened autumn 2018.

The natural elegance of the hard wood floor, the antique charm of the exposed brick walls and the post-Colonial design of the factory-like wood ceiling (with exposed pipes) provide a casual warmth deepened by the lounge-y back cornered gas fireplace section.

A large wood slab-lacquered L-shaped bar spreads across the entranceway seating and the main space – where bottled Edison bulbs wind around a wagon wheeled overhead panel in glorious olden pub fashion.

I conversed with Adam De Laura, one of the entrepreneurial brewers at Labyrinth, mid-September ’20, while Steely Dan played in the background, quaffing nearly all the available brews.

LABYRINTH BREWING COMPANY Trademark of Labyrinth Brewing Company. Serial  Number: 88339399 :: Trademark Elite Trademarks

Easygoing lemony orange-spiced Athena’s Wit allowed delicate floral sweetness to seize upon coriander-spiced chamomile herbage above its white wheat base.

Mellow dried fruited nuttiness anchored Mr. Dunkel, a dewy chocolate-malted Munich-styled dark ale with fading fig-dried pecan finish.

Fulsome Red Ale, Electrum Tears, placated chestnut-shelled pecan tones, tart red-orange fruiting and crisp tobacco roasting with leafy hop foliage.

Piney citric East Coast-styled Pan’s IPA brought floral-perfumed grapefruit, orange and lemon zesting to its moderate wood-lacquered hop bittering.

Flagship New England India Pale Ale, Turbo Love Juice, let lemony pineapple, orange and mango tropicalia inform its spritzy tingle as hop-oiled bittering contrasted crystal malt sugaring.

Silken NEIPA, Hesperia, let its mildly embittered grapefruit peel frontage gain sour lactose milking  and wispy mango snips over acidulated pale malting.

Another NEIPA, hazily yellow-marbled Champion Of The Sun, brightened the tongue with spryly embittered pineapple-juiced grapefruit tanginess and salted mango-guava serenity, gaining yogurt-milked lactic acidity at the lightly spiced tropical fruit finish.

Raspy orange-peeled tangerine tartness consumed Siren’s Song Orange Tangerine, a superb fruited sour ale with lemon-limed salinity atop its delicate white wheat spine - recalling a spritzy Orangina soft drink.


Broken Symmetry Gastro Brewery - Restaurant | 5 Depot Pl, Bethel, CT 06801,  USA


Inside a maroon cabin (with forest green base) that served as a former Bethel train depot, BROKEN SYMMETRY GASTRO BREWERY started slingin’ suds March 2018. Specializing in varied one-off brews and delectable San Diego-styled Mexican food, Broken Symmetry sports fourteen tap handles and a mezzanine level kitchen.

Its cozily clustered interior features a stainless-steel slate-topped bar, two community tables, side-walled dining spots and rear five-barrel brewing system. Clear individually designed Edison lights hang from the rustic vaulted wood beam ceiling. A right side patio and railroad seating area fill out the pub space.

My wife and I grab four home brews plus tasty burritos, tacos and nachos during our mid-September ’20 perusal. And I got a few growlers to go (also reviewed below).

Broken Symmetry Gastro Brewery

Fair light-bodied opener, Aztec Sky Pale Lager, permits mildly lingered wet-grained musk and dry maize astringency to puncture its cloy pale malting.

Heavy herbal influence beckons for muskily spelt-grained aluminum yellowed light body, Wheat Ale with Spelt Malt, masking sour lemon licks.

Mild pineapple tartness greeted lemony orange zest for Solar Sail New England Pale Ale, a mildly lactic tropical fruited tonic.

Waxy yogurt-soured pineapple, gooseberry and guava tartness grazed vanilla-creamed crystal malting for Nimbus NEIPA, a dry-bodied hazily golden Imperial with juicily citric hop bluster and dank pine resin.

Bright IPA-like yellow grapefruit zesting and grassy-hopped juniper bittering embellished saison-related spiced orange sweetness, herbal farmhouse acridity and herbal sage licks for Farmhouse Style Double India Pale Ale, a sharp stylistic combo worth exploring.

Zestful Belgian-styled golden strong ale, Attraction Tripel, retained lemon meringue, peach melba, Bananas Foster and spiced orange serenity over salty herbal-peppered pilsner malting.

Rich Square Of Ten Quad let rum raisin and fig sweetness seep into maple-molasses-sapped chocolate malts, leaving subtle cardamom, cola, chestnut and Scotch licks in the recess.



Clemson Bros. Brewery Announces Acquisition of The Gilded Otter   Clemson Bros. Brewery purchases Gilded Otter in New Paltz


The former home of Gilded Otter was bought out by CLEMSON BROTHERS BREWERY in 2018. Retaining Gilded Otter’s beautiful wood designed stone interior, this New Paltz landmark provides a casual lodge feel that’s essential to the bucolic forest-laden Catskills surroundings. Central brew tanks service the front bar, side-walled tables, bronze-tanked serving station, mezzanine seating and outside deck.

Upon September ’20 visit, tried two rangy dessert beers after one bold morning time eye-opener.

Black patent malted-dark chocolate bittering gained an espresso-nipped cocoa nibs resilience and walnut-burnt hop char above the molasses oats base of Monday Morning Breakfast Stout, leaving latent anise-dried bourbon wisps when warmed.

Almost re-creating a blueberry muffin, Blueberry Gunx Pale Ale lacquered its honeyed wheat pancake batter with blueberry puree tartness above mild dewy hop earthiness.

Pina Colada-like cocktail, I Dream Of Coconuts Cream Ale, regaled coconut-toasted pineapple tanginess and cotton-candied marshmallow goodness with mild lime-rimmed Margarita salting underlined by nearly cloy sponge cake, vanilla cake, overripe cantaloupe, confectionary butterscotch and buttery toffee sweetness.



Two Weeks Notice Brewing Co. plans to open 'by late summer' in West  Springfield -


Described as a ‘punk rock space’ with a serious ‘resignation theme,’ TWO WEEKS NOTICE BREWING COMPANY began operations about a year before opening its pub in West Springfield May ’19. Urging its minions to ‘quit what doesn’t make you happy or fulfilled,’ this unique bohemian outpost occupies a nondescript industrial storage container-fronted warehouse just a mile-and-a-half from the State Capital.

A black awning with white Two Weeks Notice insignia leads to the foyer entrance. In the low ceiling cement-floored main space, a beautiful blackened gray marble lacquered L-shape bar (with ten draught lines, Edison lights and prominent beer listing) consumes the right wall while a benched dining area and tented side deck provide seating.

A seven-barrel brewing system run by lankily musicianly head brewer, Mark Avery, is in the rear.

I stopped by on a rainy Wednesday afternoon late August ’20 to try two interesting one-off brews while picking up a few more for off-site consumption.

Easygoing New Zealand-hopped pale ale, Stealing Happy Hour, brought lactic yogurt-like souring to puckered guava-gooseberry tartness, tannic green grape esters and zesty yellow grapefruit bittering over delicate oats-flaked white wheat in a crystalline watercress setting.

A zesty lemon thrust blazed thru kettle-soured Severance Package #6, resembling a hard-candied watermelon Jolly rancher given orange-tangerine lollipop licks and mild vanilla-extracted bittering.

Two Weeks Notice | The Worthy Brewfest

I quaffed the following super suds in can at home a few days hence.

Though TWN is currently out of flagship, Resignation, its other year-round India Pale Ale, West Side Rig Slide IPA, proved worthy. One of Two Weeks Notice’s best and boldest ‘hop-forward ales,’ utilizing Vic Secret, Citra and Motueka hops, its profound yellow grapefruit luster, oncoming passionfruit blast, juicy pineapple splatter and ripe orange tang gained sticky pine lacquered grain alcohol musk over super-sugary pale malt spicing.

Crisply clean light-bodied PTO Pilsner brought mildly tart lemon spicing and sweet corn-sugared crystal malting to a spritzy head in straightforward fashion.

Soft-toned citric farmhouse ale Punch Card Grisette retained a flattish dry mouthfeel for its tart raspberry adjunct, recalling a salty lemon-fizzed sour raspberry spritzer with mild  barnyard acridity and latent cherry-cranberry riffs.

Unbalanced lawnmower beer, Perfect Review Batch #15 Kolsch, slapped vinous white-wined cider souring and wavered herb-spiced citrus tones above sourdough-breaded pilsner malts.

Crisply vigorous West Coast-styled Sticky Note Pale Ale allowed piney hop resin to usurp its dry juniper-nipped grapefruit and orange bittering.

Feathery Perfect Review Batch #17 IPA, a golden-hazed New England-styled charmer with lemony grapefruit-seeded bittering softly caressing tangy orange-spiced sugaring, let distant grassy-hopped cannabis oiling seep into the salty bottom of its fizzy placidity.

Pale aluminum-yellowed Fake Saturday Session IPA stayed crisply clean as brisk yellow grapefruit fizzing gained tingly mandarin orange snip and light white peppering over bready pilsner malting with affable light-bodied simplicity.

Ambitious dessert treat, Pink Slip Milkshake IPA, brewed with lactose and conditioned on mango-pureed strawberry, brought milk-sugared vanilla creaming to heavenly strawberry shortcake sweetness. its tart mango and strawberry adjuncts gained zesty tangerine, spritzy orange and tangy lemon cake splendor.


Brew Dog of the Month: Vic of Skyline Beer Company | Mass Brew Bros


Bringing ‘good vibes’ to the Bay State’s Pioneer Valley, SKYLINE BEER COMPANY began slingin’ suds in Westfield during December 2019. A cafeteria-styled tan paneled refuge perfect for families and friends as well as voyaging beer aficionados, Skyline’s rangy brewpub offerings go well with casual pub fare.

Previously, Skyline operated in downtown Westfield, converting a 32-seat coffeeshop into a craft beer bar carrying the best local beers and selling beer supplies. At this friendly epoxy-floored farmhouse outpost, the quaint pine-barked polyurethane bar (with top shelf liquor competing with 12-plus taps) services three windowed corner pews, two large community tables, a right side dining area and spacious outdoor deck. Spiffy orange-red-floored brew tanks regale the rear and stakes were placed where the inevitable backyard expansion will begin.

Head brewer Dana Bishop concentrates on more traditional styles such as pilsners and stouts while assistant Lisa Pac pushes for ‘outta the box’ sour ales – kinda going outside Bishop’s comfort zone. Meanwhile, experienced chef, Dan Osella, delivered delicious wings and a marvelous Caprese sandwich to my wife and I during our late August ’20 dinnertime sojourn.

Happily, we discovered twelve irresistible brews, well-balanced and creatively detailed, before heading out.

Skyline Beer Company - Takeout & Delivery - 10 Photos - Beer Bar - 98  Southwick Rd, Westfield, MA - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp

Brusquely musky moderation, Noble View Pilsner, retained earthen grain must for its mild herbal-tinged lemon pith bittering expiditiously.

Maize-dried lemon rot scoured lagered yeast moderation, Landscape Kolsch, leaving a barnyard-leathered Noble hop kale trail.

Clean-watered pineapple puree briskness embellished citric Mosaic hop sunshine and piney Eldorado hop resin for Summa Slammah Pale Ale, brightening its sweet ‘n sour pineapple tartness with tangy lemon-peeled grapefruit zesting.

Tart lemon-swirled raspberry pureed fruit ale, Raspberry Jam, gathered green grape, cranberry and oaken cherry souring to elevate its candied raspberry theme over delicate white wheat malts.

An even fruitier experience, Strawberry Fields, spread tart strawberry jam atop cinnamon apple sweetness, cranberry bittering, boysenberry buttering and Graham Cracker sugaring.

Soothingly tropical-fruited Imperial IPA, Cobble Mountain Critter, allowed dry-hopped grapefruit-peeled orange zest to enrapture spiced peach-mango sweetness as dank hemp resin spread across its grassy basin.

Brilliant NEIPA, Fire, amplified zesty lemon luster and grapefruit-peeled orange rind bittering above mild pale malt sugaring, relegating its sour strawberry rhubarb tinge.

Fabulous Pina Colada knockoff, Escape IPA – Milkshake, brought mild lactic souring to salted lemony pineapple and coconut puree tartness as well as pink guava snips, rummy Margarita licks and resinous pine tones in a creamy vanilla setting.

Subtle blood orange tartness picked up spritzy lemon-limed salting for Margarita-soured Berliner Weiss, Blaze Orange, a gently woodruff-syruped cocktail.

Lemon-limed white wining absorbed raspberry vinaigrette acidity and dry limestone salting for beet red-marbled Triple BerryTrail Mix, a fruited sour ale with tertiary blueberry tartness and hard cider bite.

Dry Irish “Goodbye” Stout let coffee-stained dark chocolate, cocoa and carob pick up lightly walnut-seared hop bittering and raw-honeyed oats toasting.

Bitter coffee-induced dark chocolate black malting gained brown-sugared maple oats sweetness for Bumby’s Black Oat Imperial Stout, grafting hop-charred nuttiness onto its mocha-spiced finish.


new city brewing  New City Brewing | Valley Beer Trail


In the same dusky warehouse facility as Abandoned Building Brewery and INSA marijuana dispensary, NEW CITY BREWERY began brewing Jamaican-style hard ginger beers in 2013 and opened this mill-based locale during 2015 before expanding its recipes to include non-ginger offerings. An inconspicuous black awning with white New City lettering fronts the red brick edifice housing this large microbrewery.

New City’s Cathedral ceiling, expansive dining space, aluminum-stooled L-shaped bar, oaken wood splendor and exposed pipes provide chilling rusticity. The community-tabled patio with red-stamped concrete floor offers plentiful outdoor seating. And the pavilion walkway and park behind the lot offers casual charm. I perused New City during August ’20.

New City Brewery

Cane-sugared ginger sweetness received salted lemon-limed juicing for New City Hard Ginger Beer, attaching its initial bay-leafed gingered citrus rush to pineapple-splashed white pepper heat and recessive maple sapping for a nifty Jamaican ginger beer.

Ginger-spiced Moscow mule knockoff, New City Mule, retained a clean vodka nip in fairly authentic manner. Light white pepper heat lined the salty cocktail confection best served over ice.

Dry light-bodied wheat ale, Summer, let lemony mandarin orange subtlety coalesce with piney citrus-splashed effervescence, leafy hop foliage and tart apple-skinned quince blintz.

A fruitier version, Blood Orange Summer, embellished its adjunctive tart blood orange splash with perfumed tangerine musk, mild grassy hop astringency and dry pale malting.   

Easygoing Berliner Weiss, Bramble Weiss, the ‘brewers fruitiest sour ale,’ leveled off spritzy raspberry and black cherry tartness for lemon-limed brambleberry sourness atop lightly salted white wheat malting. A positively laidback summertime soft drink.

Tart green grape esters gain sour lemondrop influence and grapefruit-pineapple-tangerine notions for Local Harvest Farmhouse Ale. But rustic herbal spicing and whiskey-soured cider slipstream falter at the wet-grained barnyard basin.

Sessionable Fenway Froth Session IPA gave its spicy grapefruit-peeled orange rind presence a bright floral bouquet, leaving piney Ekuanot hop resin to contrast the delicate crystal malt creaminess.

Equally approachable Citra-Mosaic-Simcoe-hopped Valley Flyer Hazy IPA brought tangy orange-peeled grapefruit zesting and advertised ‘clementine, apricot and papaya’ smidge to dry wood density and herbal respite in mildly bitter manner.

Tarry black-malted dark chocolate bittering paced Pioneer Valley Porter, leaving hop-charred blackstrap molasses, cinnamon bark and burnt walnut illusions to contrast less profound almond-hazelnut pasting.    


White Lion Brewing Company |


In the heart of Pioneer Village’s capital city, WHITE LION BREWING COMPANY became Springfield’s first modern brewery in late 2020. Right off Route 90 in the rear of the UMass Center, this capacious sportsbar-like brewery is owned by local entrepreneurial publican, Raymond Berry, a well-respected urban revivalist.

Upon entering, White Lion’s extremely long left side bar services glass-windowed Main Street tables, a VIP lounge and a few chaired tables. Its silver-barreled platform brew tanks are set behind glass. Manned by skillfully rounded brewmeister, Mike Yates (formerly of Amherst and Berkshire breweries), this mass appeal upscale gastropub’s black art deco ceiling, exposed pipes and roomy elegance give the mall-bound joint a mod Industrial feel.

I bought a few White Lion offerings for the road during August ’20 – while the place was still getting finished for late autumn opening.

Flagship Citra-Mosaic-hopped 2.0 Pale Ale retained laidback grapefruit-orange tanginess  and delicate quince-grape-melon hints for wood-dried grassy hop astringency above white breaded pale malting.

Sunny yellow grapefruit-embittered orange peel tang consumed juicy Galaxy-hopped medium-full body, Galaxy IPA. Briskly sharp citrus zesting gained dry pine-toned juniper bite to contrast spicy pale malt sugaring.

A wonderful collaboration with Trillium (brewed at White Lion), fudgy caramel-burnt cocoa nuttiness led the way for Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stout, a toffee candied chocolate dessert with rummy bourbon vanilla specs and cinnamon-allspice-anise seasoning contrasting dark chocolate-y black coffee bittering.

Its flavor profile was amplified for adjunct-laden  Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stout (with Papua New Guinea Vanilla Beans) as dark chocolate-fudged vanilla bean creaming squared off against milk-sugared coffee surge as bitter tar-like hop char contrasted ancillary toffee spicing and peanut-oiled almond, hazelnut and coconut snips. (The Trillium brewed version is listed separately in Beer Index).  



Two Villains Brewing - Restaurant | 132 Main St, Nyack, NY 10960, USA


Right in the heart of Nyack’s Main Street neighborhood village, TWO VILLAINS BREWING turned on its lights during November ’19 to become part of the Hudson Valley’s flourishing gastropub scene. On Valentine’s Day ’20, the narrow downtown brewpub added a light pub menu (with a Southern twist) to go alongside its promising liquid fare.

Upon entering the cozy wood-furnished joint, there’s a certain antiquity to the red brick and plank wood interior walls. The silver-tiled ceiling and small decorative mirrors add archaic charm and the plank-sided bar’s pendant lighting brings rustic elegance to the elongated one-room setup. Central fans hover over the right side high-chaired tables and a few windowed tables round out the front end.

A silver-handled tap station pours the suds emanating from the back-staged silver brew tanks. There’s also a fine selection of top shelf liquor available.

My wife and I gobbled down Candied Bacon Salad, Mac & Cheese and chicken wings during our 90-minute stopover late August ’20.

Casual soft-tongued light body, Harmonic Resonance, retained straw-like pilsner malting, corn husked barnyard acridity and mild herbal whims to embrace its salted lemon spritz.

Soft-watered Kveik yeast provided ultra-clean mouthfeel for A Drifter’s Gambit, a ‘Norwegian pseudo lager’ with brisk lemon zest brightening modest Nelson Sauvin-hopped mandarin orange, white peach, guava, melon and papaya lacquer over light pilsner-Vienna malts.

Lactic milk-sugared New England-style Imperial IPA, Moo’d Ring: Green, a juiced-up collaboration with Bolero Snort, maintained a splendidly sweet-tart tropical fruitiness as advertised Peach Smoothie and Orange Creamsicle succulence absorbed floral-bound mango, passionfruit, guava and gooseberry illusions lightly embittered by dank pine resin over mild oats malting.

Another lactic NEIPA, the hazily copper-marbled A Monument To All Your Sins, plied tangy grapefruit-peeled orange zest and subtle papaya, mango, green grape, guava and melon souring to floral-spiced orange blossom perfuming above oats-flaked wheat malts -’finishing like an orange sherbet.’


Brewing in the Sticks: Stickman Brews in Royersford


Inside a raw open-spaced yellow brick warehouse down the alley from Dollar General at a highway-bound Royersford shopping center, STICKMAN BREWS (with a second location at nearby Chester Springs) started up its small-batch operation during December 2015. Occupying Sly Fox’s former production facility, Stickman crafts “American ales with a Belgian twist” as well as British and German-influenced potions.

Its slate-topped, eight-seat, twelve draught central serving station (with overhead round metal Stickman insignia) gets its looming rustic appeal from the old exposed pipes, high aluminum ceiling, black pendant lighting and cement-floored antiquity.

Head brewer Brendan Breslin (hired by owner/ brewmaster Ethan Buckman) enjoyed Dogfish Head’s concept of utilizing different adjuncts for off-centered, style-bending, hand-crafted ales and many of his finest creative offerings benefit from that dynamic philosophy. Originally a home brewer, Breslin interned at Philly’s Manayunk Brewing in 2015 before leading the troops at Pottstown United Brewing – joining Stickman thereafter.

Stickman’s silver-tanked brew room spreads across the right side alongside bottling-canning operations. A musky mash tun aroma hits me quick as I enter thru the inconspicuous stair-cased back door.

Since Stickman was not open for on-site consumption this Wednesday afternoon in August ’20, I bought several cans for the road. Reviews below.


Stickman Brews | Royersford, PA | Beers | BeerAdvocate  Gift Cards — Stickman Brews

Young People Fun Party Pilsner - Effervescent floral-perfumed lemon spicing engaged grassy herbal hops and dry hay-like pilsner malting in simply refined fashion.

Mauger’s Lager - Dewy amber-grained lager pasting picked up orange-oiled tangerine tartness, rotted lemon smear and raw honeyed snip for brown-toasted Vienna lager.

General Merriment Marzen Lager - Multi-grained honeyed biscuit sweetness gained slim Scotch notch and mild orange spicing.

Swill Maibock Lager - Tart orange-red fruiting faded alongside desolate floral spicing above sourdough breading for a pedestrian springtime moderation.

Minor Digression Hefeweizen - Unstylistic white-wined cider sharpness and spritzy orange spicing defied banana-clove expectancy while corn-whiskeyed boozing and banana daquiri reminder wavered.

Plain Chicken Nuggets Pale Ale - Zestful sunshine-hazed pale ale with IPA-sharp grapefruit juicing, brisk orange tang and subtle sugared spicing galvanizing mild citric hop bittering over white bread base.

Binns Motor Inn Gose - Weirdly sequenced salted gose peculiarity with corn sugared honey malts buttressing sour lemon candied pucker and acrid barnyard leathering in mushy mix, gaining unexpected cinnamon spicing when warmed.

Captialism Belgian Blonde with Cherry - Calm crimson-glowed Kriek-like maibock spin-off relegated its sedate salt-pinched cherry tartness as green grape esters, candied pineapple souring and blood orange rasping emitted cotton-candied lollipop dollop to thin sweet-tart cherry blonde.

Arming The Rebels India Pale Ale - Dry grapefruit-peeled lemon spritz exerted sunny thrust and tart orange-candied respite for resinous pine needling contrasting back-ended sweet cereal graining of efficient hazy yellowed moderate-medium body.

Heavy C.R.E.A.M. (with Vanilla and Milk Sugar) - Milk-sugared vanilla creaminess guides lactic Double IPA as lemon-soured grapefruit and orange rind bittering soaks dry pine resin to contrast less prominent cotton-candied coconut and pineapple tropicalia as well as salted mango, guava and banana illusions.

Store Bought Is Fine Double India Pale Ale - Despite generic white label, fluffy white-headed yellow-hazed summertime fodder proved exhilarating as sunny lupulin-powdered lemon zesting, juicy yellow grapefruit insurgence and piquant candied citrus tartness gained lactic yogurt souring before reaching its lightly creamed oats-flaked crystal malt base.

Hotline Bling Double IPA with Blueberries/ Roasted Vanilla – Murkily prune-hued full body brings lactic milk-sugared souring to ultra-creamy alcohol-spiked vanilla pasting and lightly glazed blueberry tartness. Drifting blueberry vanilla syruping gains abrupt green grape, guava and gooseberry tartness as well as ascending tangerine juicing sharpened by sly hop-embittered pine lacquering. Endlessly expressive.

Naked Lunch Imperial Stout - Mild oaken bourbon influence spreads thru bitter molasses-licked dark chocolate syruping and oaken vanilla splurge reinforced by hop-charred wood sear of rich cream-fluffed mahogany body.

Proto Hipster Barleywine - Luxuriously creamed brown chocolate syruping richly drapes sturdy prune-stewed raisin resolve as hazelnut-glazed chestnut, pecan and cola auxiliary and mild cinnamon-toasted coffee milking knock on the chewy caramel malt base.


Oyster Creek Brewing - Takeout & Delivery - 18 Photos & 10 Reviews ...  HOME | oystercreekbrewing


Celebrating their second anniversary in May ’20, rustic nanobrewery, OYSTER CREEK BREWING CO. is tucked away in the middle of a small mall in the unincorporated Jersey Shore hamlet of Waretown.

Its cozy, concrete-floored, crimson-walled 24-seat barroom offers a few signature beers (cream ale/ stout/ IPA) alongside many rangy one-off delights.

On my early August ’20 journey, I consumed a diverse menu of sampled libations under the makeshift covered tent in the rear.

HOME | oystercreekbrewing

Oyster Creek’s “gateway” beer, macro-lagered Yellow Cake Cream Ale, rendered maize-dried flaked corn graining, dried orange spicing and sour vegetal notions in a light-bodied setting.

Fizzy Seltzer-like Halflife Hefeweizen (Blueberry) let mild blueberry tartness sink slowly into its delicate honeyed wheat spine. 

Bitter Clover honeyed malts seeped into black tea musk and mossy fungi-cellared earthen truffle pungency for Skyshine Honey Beer.

Tangy blood orange goodness lavished Beta Particle Blood Orange Wheat Ale, picking up clementine, tangerine and tangelo illusions above its mild white wheat base.

A straightforward traditional Irish Red Ale, Heavy Water Irish Ale left amber-grained sugaring upon leafy cigarette-roasted dewy peat.

Citric-bound Huell Melon hops gave Nautilus New England IPA an ester-y green grape souring embraced by lemon meringue tartness above flaked wheat malts.

Hybridized Nauti But Nice Milkshake IPA plied tangy mango juicing to pastry-sugared vanilla eclair creaming with a light sour lemon twist. Its Orange Creamsickle finish retained a bubblegummy Tutti-Frutti resolve.

Lemony orange tanginess picked up lactose-soured vanilla milkiness and sweet floral accents above oats-flaked mineral graining for Critical Mass, a bountiful New England-styled IPA utilizing Citra and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

Moderate chili heat endowed Meltdown Habanero IPA, a habanero peppered hop-header with sweet green pepper reminder settling above its dry-hopped pale malting.

Dark candi-sugared Belgian pilsner malts sweetened Tihange Dubbel, a rich black coffee-stained Belgian ale with ample dried fruiting.

One of my faves, kettle-soured Berliner Weiss, Singularity Sour (Blackcurrant), spread citric lactobacillus acidity all over mango-salted blackcurrant perkiness and lemon-limed kiwi, guava and gooseberry tropicalia (as well as tart pomegranate-cranberry-boysenberry illusions).

Infused with vanilla, luxurious DarkMatter Vanilla Porter reached heavenly heights as  molasses-sugared spiced rum sweetness girded coffee-milked dark chocolate bittering and toasted cinnamon niceties while vanilla white-caked frosting sealed the deal.

Light roast coffee led soft-toned Coldfusion Coffee Milk Stout, spreading its cold-steeped coffee extract over milk-sugared rolled oats groating.


Fort Nonsense Brewing Company (Denville) - 2020 All You Need to Know BEFORE  You Go (with Photos) - Tripadvisor


Named after an unused Revolutionary War hideaway, FORT NONSENSE BREWING COMPANY opened in 2018. Inside an inconspicuous red brick shelter along Route 10, this cozy nanobrewery offers intriguingly indeterminate flagships and stylishly varied one-off brews.

Run by three beer lovin’ brothers, including head brewer Andrew Aslanian, the ambitious pint-sized pub (with small back patio beer garden) crafts mostly easygoing fare meant to melt on the tongue.

I take a seat at the oaken wood-barred tap room to sample seven satisfyingly soft-toned suds listed on the blackboard menu.

It’s mid-September ’20, so I tried placid Octoberfest, Unsinn Machen (defined as ‘fooling around’) first. Its cheerfully refreshing red-orange-yellow fruiting stayed subtle engaging autumnal leafy hop foliage and mild roasted tobacco crisping over dainty Vienna malt sugaring.

Soft-watered Farmhouse Funk with Strawberry (an offshoot of tropical Golden Berry Farmhouse Funk) plied lemondrop-candied strawberry tartness to white wined whims and grassy hop herbage.

Then came the entourage of stylishly differentiated India Pale Ales.

Delicate Cascade-hopped Harvest IPA brought honey-spiced lemony orange zest to mild wet-hopped pining.

Tart green grape esters, orange-peeled grapefruit rind bittering and pine-lacquered restraint sat atop creamy crystal-pale malts for dry-hopped West Coast-styled Great Falls IPA.

Juicy NEIPA, Regolith: Tranquility Base, retained a candied grapefruit, peach and tangerine tartness and light wood-toned hop bittering above mildly creamed pale-sugared malts.

Best bet: Fully concentrated fruit juicing intensified Lacto By Nonsense. Conditioned on mango and tangerine, its lactic fructose-loaded front end amps up the lemon-juiced salted mango and pureed tangerine density, pineapple-like lulu tanginess, sour-candied Sweet-Tart pucker and vinous white wining. Though its sweaty sox aromatics seems off-putting, the highly acidic tropical fruiting makes a powerful statement.

For a late afternoon sendoff, traditional porter, Arnold’s Tavern, allowed light roast coffee pleasantries to ride above dark chocolate, walnut and hazelnut illusions.