Dieu du Ciel!: A Bar in Montréal, QC - Thrillist

On the corner of Laurier lies terrific café-styled brewpub, DIEU DU CIEL!  Friendly diminutive saloon, visited April ’05, had a well-selected beer bottle collection displayed across the bar area, appeasing connoisseurs of all stripes. Wood stools and tables line the smallish interior with stainless steel brew tanks situated by the front window and bagels, cheese, tortillas, nachos, and pan pizza filling out the terse menu.

Best brew may have been excellent Corne Du Diable American IPA, a deeply embittered red-orange-fruited dry-hopped quencher with currant tinge belying herb-roasted peppery-floral nuance. Also enticing: buttery orange-bruised peach-syrupy grapefruit-embittered Abbey-styled Rigor Mortis Blonde; raw-honeyed red-fruited wheat-biscuit-y hop-dried Fumisterie Rousse; and lemon meringue-dried orange-peeled bubble-gummy Blanche Du Paradis.

Dry-honeyed low-carb wheat-sweet sedation McAuslan Cream Ale, gentle coffee-dried black cherry-sniped McAuslan Stout A L’Avoine, sullen yellow-fruited wheat-dried Paienne Blonde Ale, and softly carbolic resin-hopped citrus-finishing cask-conditioned Vaisseau Des Songes IPA ain’t bad either.


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