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Residing at a pale green aluminum warehouse on the outskirts of Nashua, MILLYARD BREWERY opened in 2016. A gray cement-floored pub with 10-seat bark top bar (including a dozen or so stainless steel draught handles), its black plastic-seated yellow pine tables, detailed Nashua map and two TV’s fill out the pristine space.

A makeshift front patio featured metal seating. Sandwiches, pizza, chili and free popcorn were available alongside Millyard’s ‘globally-inspired’ local beers.

Leaning towards India Pale Ales, there was also a pale ale, hefe, Irish red and porter perused on my September ’22 one-hour trip.

More herbal lemony than banana clovish, Uncle H’s Hef left a spritzy citric zesting upon its pilsner malt base.

Herbal lemon-seeded souring, mandarin orange tanginess and dried floral nuances coalesced for Pumphouse Pale Ale, picking up some latent earthen fungi.

Dewy tea-like affability placated Hale Irish Red, an amber-grained moderation with sour fig contrasting toasted caramel below the surface.

Peculiar New Zealand hop-styled India Pale Ale, 3 Lazy Cows, let dry orange-oiled grapefruit bittering surge against sour gooseberry-passionfruit conflux and woody sawdust insistence.

Mildly pungent bronze-hazed Gate City Double IPA brought wood-dried citrus musk to raw-honeyed pale malt dryness.

Salted grapefruit spicing and candied orange tartness secured Karaka NEIPA, leaving vegetal herbage on the dry pale malt bottom.

Bittersweet orange-peeled pineapple and grapefruit tanginess affixed mildly creamed Beached NEIPA, retaining floral-daubed guava juicing and green grape tannins.

Cascadian dark ale, Black Buffalo IPA, dangled black tea bittering, black grape tartness and pine resin above bittersweet dark cocoa.

Dark chocolate nuttiness consumed Boott Porter, suppressing its mossy earthen soiling, day-old coffee sourness and black cherry snip.


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