Well-balanced tawny-hazed IPA retains sharp wood-smoked hop spicing, ample grain roast, easygoing pale malt sweetness, and recessive dried fruiting. Unlike regular blue collar Ballantine Ale old folks buy for $2 a six pack, this is the real deal. It shows what a large brewery could do when they seriously attempt to craft ales/ beers in small batches.

    3 thoughts on “BALLANTINE INDIA PALE ALE

    1. l live in mississippi and would like to obtain a case of the authentic India Pale Ale by Ballantine/Falstaff

      Thank You

    2. i don’t think ballantine currently makes the wonderful india pale ale, as opposed to the paint thinner-like pale ale. and the state of mississippi has stringent rules regarding high alcohol beers if i remember. good luck. i’d like one too.

    3. Hey John lol what a pleasant surprise after a year later
      Thanks for responding…your right about these confounded rules of law here
      I wounded up in a place called Purvis and this is one of those dry towns…and l have to drive 45 min for some ale..l did find something but it will never take the place of India pale ale with that ship where it says aged in wood while on sea where it got its authentic taste that is 2nd to none

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