Bavarian Barbarian 22oz Bottles Coming July 2nd!

Opened June ’08 and visited December ’08 with wife, Karen, Williamsport’s newest brewery, BAVARIAN BARBARIAN (since closed),was located inside a pristine old car dealership a few blocks south of Bullfrog. Available on draught, at select local bars, or in half-gallon growlers were six worthy brews. An earthen deep-grained assertion anchored each well-crafted selection.

Dry ethanol-fueled gin-soaked First Snow Ale layered cinnamon-nutmeg-ginger-clove spicing above molasses-soaked raisin, sugared fig, and rye bread illusions for woozy seasonal spellbind.

Soft hop-roasted coffee-dried chocolate-resinous Steel Drivin’ Stout bettered best-selling nut-roasted raw-honeyed phenol-dried Headbangerz Brown Ale.

Dry spice-hopped rye-breaded chocolate-powdered Hammerin’ Ale, lemony banana-soured apple-sweet fig-prune-dried Square Feet Wheat Ale, and dark-fruited pumpernickel-centered herbal-spiced pine-hopped Weldspatter IPA retained brute manliness.

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