Busy embossed label of hazy copper amber ale (brewed with caraway seeds) promotes myeloma and cancer research. Bettering blander organic beers that seem more interested in staying natural and earthy than delivering flavor, its glutinous hop-spiced flaked rye inertia picks up pumpernickel, macadamia, raisin, and fig illusions. Brown sugared chocolate-caramel-cocoa malting sweetens enigmatic orange-red fruited backdrop. Dryly vegetal fennel-gourd recess provides added dimension. Barleywine hints come and go.

    2 thoughts on “BISON REUNION ’08 ORGANIC RED RYE ALE

    1. Reunion ’08′ A beer for hope. Organic Red Rye Ale (Ale brewed with caraway seeds). Best beer yet for me, and I have been drinking non commerical beers for decades. Is it still available? BBud

    2. I don’t think I’ve run across Bison’s Reunion ’08. I would’ve writen about it. But of course it sounds tasty. Stay in touch and thanx for reading beermelodies
      john fortunato

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