One-pint champagne-bottled premium microbrew with cork set up honoring now-deceased bohemian Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia. Highly carbonated, citrus-scented, opaque gold, fluffy-headed draught maintains tart yellow fruiting, dewy watercrescent lightness, and pleated cider-like souring. Only produced for limited time (circa ’97), each bottle numbered and signed by brewer.

    4 thoughts on “(CRESTON) OLDE 4-20 DEADHEAD DRAFT

    1. If that’s a pint bottle, then why does the label show the contents as 22 ounces? I’ve seen the Deadhead Draft, but never in this type of bottle.

    2. have a sealed bottle of this stuff with the wire still wrapped around the top…kept cool….have any idea what this is worth?? only seen empty bottles on ebay

    3. Larry

      I bet the bottle of creston is worth at least $100 since it’s no longer avail. cool stuff.

    4. I just was given a sealed bottle of this as well. This one is a 750ml champagne bottle 1995 batch.
      They stored it in the back of the fridge for 17- 18 years. Now what do you do with it!!

      It would be great to know some more about this rare beer.

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