Rooster Fish Brewing Company

Along Watkins Glen’s main strip, stayed at rustic Watkins Glen Hotel’s beautifully renovated Seneca Suite with family July ‘05, imbibing nearby microbrewers’ Ithaca Pale Ale and Ithaca Nut Brown (reviewed in Beer Index) prior to watching sloshed Bad News Bears remake.

Afterwards, hit Crooked Rooster across street. Now known as ROOSTERFISH, the small neighborhood joint’s beautiful wood carved mantle piece shelved liquor bottles galore, the ancient wood refrigeration unit contained bottled beers, and the original tin ceiling was intact above green walled interior. To the rear of back dining area sat smallish brewing system, which unfortunately, wasn’t operating at this juncture. But several local patrons pounding down a Bailey’s Irish Cream, Jameson Whiskey, and ½ pint Guinness concoction claimed Butternut Pale Ale and Black Walnut Ale go good with Southwest cuisine. Since then, I’ve consumed tapped versions of Scotch Ale and Hop Warrior during 2012 (reviewed in Beer Index).

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