Market Street Brewing Company & Restaurant

Sojourned to picturesque Finger Lakes area July ’05. In the midst of cornfields and mountains off Route 86 lies downtown Corning’s glass museum and the historic red brick area where MARKET STREET BREWING is situated. Brew tanks at street entrance welcomes patrons to old bar with great mahogany mantle. Right side covered deck and backside dining room surround bar area (pew booths and wood stools) as kitchen serves sandwiches, wraps, seafood, pork, and steak. Back deck on second floor adds comfort and, strangely, stage area for local entertainment is in brew staging area.

Only handcrafted beers are served here, including mildly acidic lemon-fizzed soft-watered Mad Bug Lager, subtly yellow-fruited berry-soured spritzer Brisco Bridge Blackberry Lager, piney peppery-hopped citric-backed Pot Belly Pale Ale, and chalky char-hopped wood-smoked raisin-chocolate-y English-styled D’Artagnan Dark Ale. Also on tap were dainty prickly-hopped fruit-spiced chocolate-malted Wrought Iron Red Ale and phenol hard-candied banana-berry-influenced German-styled Strawberry Fields Forever Wheat Beer.

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