On tap at 381 Main, trusty pumpkin pie-spiced medium-full body picks up honeyed Graham Cracker influence overriding dark-roasted chocolate malting and creamy vanilla snip as well as brown-sugared cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger seasoning. Vegetal gourd acridity and mild alcohol burn contrast sweet elements well. In bottle, 2015 version retained pumpkin-pureed nutmeg, ginger, clove and cinnamon spicing while increasing black chocolate roast. Ashen coal bittering deepens above Vienna-malted honeyed wheat spine, adding further dimension. 2019 version may’ve lacked decisiveness as brown-sugared cinnamon spicing and tidy nutmeg-ginger spicing reached mainstream compromise. However, 2020′s bolder endeavor brought tarry molasses bittering to lactose-sugared cocoa nibs, overshadowing pumpkin pie spicing for ginger-rooted sarsaparilla, anise and fern minting above ashen black patent malting.

Label Reveal: Flying Dog "The Fear" | Beer Street Journal

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