Four Peaks Brewing to add new bocce ball court in Tempe

Outside Sun Devil Stadium promenade lies high-walled, red-bricked, patio-fronted, bar-centered FOUR PEAKS BREWERY, visited January ‘05. Glass-encased Elvis memorabilia and large brew tanks festoon commodious interior while pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, and Southwest cuisine dot the menu.

Mildly phenol Fools Gold, tangy peach-bruised wheat-sugared Arizona Peach, tame citric-hopped The Raj IPA, wispy grapefruit-apple-peach-soaped Kiltlifter Scottish Ale, sour-fruited perfume-hopped 8th Street Ale, tart banana-fronted clove-centered Hefeweizen, and cologne-draped red-fruited bitter Hop Knot American Ale pale next to chocolate-sweet mocha-mellowed coffee-creamed Oatmeal Stout.

Bottled versions of Kiltlifter and 8th Street Ale available locally.

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