Passing through scenic mountain peaks along Route 70 from Mount Evans to Georgetown to Dillon and onward to Edwards, then Glenwood Springs, during unimaginably panoramic August ’07 trek, found two commendable brewpubs west of Vail prior to soaking feet in renowned rotten egg-wafted hot springs.

Inside historic tan-bricked Denver Hotel across street from Colorado River, sprawling GLENWOOD CANYON BREWPUB, formerly a liquor bottling company, maintained loud family/ sports bar atmosphere. Left bar area had glass-encased brew kettles (across from copper kettle entrance tanks), oak furnishings, expansive TV’s and stool seating. Right side dining area fronting billiard room offered secondary bar while elegant downstairs couch-furnished waiting room featured rustic beer can collection and large television.

Had beef stroganoff with raw-honeyed wheat-dried corn-sugared Hanging Lake Honey Ale, tart raspberry-dominant cranberry-soured orange-tart Grizzly Creek Raspberry Wheat, and lemony hop-fizzed wheat-husked Sunlight American Wheat. Afterwards, tried nitro-injected fruit-enlightened rye-swayed fig-date-backed Red Mountain ESB, ripe red apple-pear-apricot-fruited pekoe-tea-finishing St. James Irish Red Ale, and easygoing piney spruce-fronted, grapefruit-orange peel-embittered, spice-tingled Vapor Cave IPA. Light dried chocolate entry begot black cherry, parched fig, macadamia, anise, and espresso tones consuming No Name Nut Brown Ale.

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