L'amère à boire - Le Quartier Latin

I’m convinced the best place to buy Canadian brews as of February ’04 is tiny grocery store, De Panneur Laurier, at 1420 Laurier off Papineau Boulevard. Bought Belle Gueule, Bieropholie, Boreale, Breughel, Du Lievre, La Barberie, Les Brasseurs RJ, Le Cheval Blanc, Nouvelle, Schoune, Saint Antoine Abbe, and Saint Arnould brews at marvelous oasis. Walked to nearby Rahman’s to get more previously unfound brews.

On April ’05 brewpub excursion, stayed at midtown hotel near respected Mc Gill University for three nights. I managed to quaff two local independent brews on tap at refined first floor bar: mild lemony-whiffed prickly-hopped grapefruit-soured wheat-dried Old Montreal Blonde and barley roasted sweet tea-like Old Montreal Red Ale.

L’AMERE A BOIRE, in arty St. Denis section, offered burgers and quesadillas alongside brewer Greg Rossel’s fine beers. High ceilings, a small back loft, oak stools and tables, sundry hanging plants, and rear brew tanks inundate the interior with six seats consuming the small right side bar.

Wheat-soft banana-bubblegummy coriander-cloved Blanche, mild lemon rind-softened spice-nipped Danoise, peppery-hopped honey-lagered Munich-styled Montreal Hell, lemony white-peppered currant-embittered Cerna Hora, and floral citric pale ale Amere A Boire proved light and effervescent.

Malt-sugared orange-bruised grapefruit-surged Fin De Siecle (Red Ale), chocolate-malted cherry-ripened Cognac-warmed Boucanier Porter, raisin-greened cherry-tart dessert-like Maibock, mocha-chalked cappuccino-milked Kozak Dark Lager, and mellow vanilla-chocolate-centered, crème de cocoa-like Stout Imperial suited connoisseurs.


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