McKenzie Brew House |

In a commodious freestanding gray building middling Route 202 six miles south of West Chester, ranch-styled Glen Mills’ restaurant-bar, MC KENZIE BREWHOUSE, attracted the younger crowd and sports enthusiasts (via several televisions and a downstairs bar offering shuffleboard, billiards and video games), December ‘05. Wood-countered right side bar and outdoor patio deck oppose left side dining and frontal glass-encased brew tanks.

Casual American cuisine complemented wheat-dried mild-hopped corn-starched Mc Kenzie Light Lager, grassy wheat-husked Saaz-hopped honey-dabbed Czech pilsner Shane’s Gold, chocolate-y hazelnut-roasted barley-toasted English-styled brown ale Unicorn Amber, and softly perfumed yellow-orange-fruited Goldings India Pale Ale.

Better brews were sticky red-fruited floral-accented orange-peeled bitter Wicked Will’s Pale Ale, perfectly named cinnamon-clove-dabbed gourd-soured Pumpkin Spiced Ale, off-dry port-like black cherry-soured Raven Porter, and bittersweet coffee-themed oatmeal-tinged hop-roasted chocolate-malted serenity Black Lab Stout.

Buttery orange-bruised tropical-fruited whiskey-Scotched cognac-soothed Belgian-styled Vuuve reached creative zenith.

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