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Opened in 2002, visited August ‘07, and closed down 2009, cool lime green-hued red-trimmed REDFISH BREWERY had spacious dimly-lit dining frontage with double garage door opening, small railed patio, chic Elvis-Dylan-Marley-Garcia paintings, dank performance space, and rear silver brew kettles.

To go with Continental cuisine and Cajun dishes (jambalaya; enchiladas; seafood gumbo), midsection bar served conventional fare such as lemon pith-soured popcorn-tinged corn-sugared Rasta Pilsner, honeyed cereal-grained Big Easy Pale Ale, phenol candied apple-doused caramel-malted Scotch-licked Riley’s Red, and buttery floral-hopped red-orange-fruited Tree Hugger Organic IPA. Creamy malt-dried coffee-roasted chocolate-vanilla-tweaked Imperial Stout may’ve bettered admirable hop-charred milk chocolate-y vanilla-sweet black cherry-tinged espresso-finishing Space Stout. Best bet: softly buttered banana-clove-candied orange-fruited hop-spiced Angry Monk Belgian Ale.

Redfish perished 2009, replaced by COLORADO BREWING COMPANY’s new recipes.

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