Walnut Brewery - The Best Brewery/Restaurants In Boulder Colorado

For evening nightcap, August ’07, revisited old Boulder stomping ground, THE WALNUT, to munch on chicken wings and taco salad while quaffing middling brews.

Closed after a 27-year run as restaurant, The Walnut soon became a brewery, but 2017 was its last year. Located in converted red brick warehouse with outdoor deck, high-beam ceiling, and ample dining space across Boulder’s promenade, its left side bar had personalized mugs, copious alcohol, and multiple TV’s attracting sports fans.

Sampled soapy banana-clove-bubblegum-sweetened Seasonal Wheat, popcorn-like caramel-malted Cascade-hopped citric-spiced Buffalo Gold, floral-citrus-bound Indian Peaks Pale Ale, fungi-wafted hop-roasted orange-dried macadamia-tinged Old Elk Brown Ale (plus its silky banana-fig-sugared nitro version), and milk chocolate-y espresso-soured Devil’s Thumb Stout.

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