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Gary's Dewey Beach Grill / 38° -75° Brewing - Picture of Gary's Dewey Beach  Grill - Tripadvisor


On the bustling corner of New Orleans Street and Coastal Highway, Dewey Beach landmark Gary’s Beach Grill started crafting homemade suds under the latitude/ longitude handle 38-75 BREWING in 2017. Homebrewing owner Gary Cannon has operated this summertime hotspot for thirty years.

A crowded, low-ceilinged, wraparound joint with a cornucopia of cool beer bottles and cans lining the wall (near loads of pop culture memorabilia, beer label stickers, cartoon snippets and surfing regalia), Gary’s also features a covered wooden side deck with multiple neon-lit beer insignias plus a nifty green T-Rex model and aquamarine turtle mural.

An L-shaped railroad tie-sided bar stretches across the front end to the rear where the pale blue walls melt into grey sky walls. Five tables snake around the multi-draught stationed bar and two rear tables offer more seating.

My wife and I with Roscoe the dog grabbed one of those back tables to sample all four available house brews this seasonably warm Saturday in early January ’21. Cannon’s appealing midrange fare went well with my yellowfin tuna sushi. But all the sandwiches, wraps, apps and ‘seafood pasta’ health-oriented dishes looked great.


Gary's Dewey Beach Grill /38° -75° Brewing - Gary's Dewey Beach Grill / 38-75  Brewing

Three of Gary’s blue collar offerings this mid-afternoon were interconnected by rye wheat. Traditional famrhouse ale, For Your Ryes Only, allowed saison-like herbal lemon zesting to ride above mild rye spicing while Malt-forward ESB, Bucket O’ Parts, let buttered rye breading pickup subtle spiced orange zesting as its whimsical sweet potato adjunct faded.

Grassy citrus-juiced Comet hops fortified the rye-spiced black tea sedation and chocolate-daubed carapils malting of Holly’s Comet, a casual dry-hopped India Pale Ale.

Soaked in Jim Beam for three days, mild Scotch-licked dark chocolate malting delicately paced Cleveland Beamer, an oak-chipped brown ale with nutty toffee spicing and drifting perfume-hopped pekoe tea snips.




Nothing like a rustic shack-like saloon to get thirsty beachcombers and surfers happy. Just a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean and one mile south of Rehoboth Beach, DEWEY BEER COMPANY keeps this tiny beach community rockin’ with its well-balanced small batch beers. Opened May ’15, this metal and wood furnished pub serves specialized seafood, sandwiches and salads to go alongside its likable liquid fare.

Dewey Beer Company’s low ceilings, small open kitchen, cozy cafe-styled seating, long community table and wood-lacquered bar (with silver brew tanks directly behind) provides relief from the summer heat and a much-needed off-season watering hole for the few hundred townsfolk.

My wife and I settled into Chick Pea Hummus and Plantain Nachos (sour-creamed Cuban picadillo beef, jalapeno, tomato and cheese dip scooped up by fried plantains) while downing nine distinctly varied homemade beers.

One of the first beers crafted at Dewey, sessionable American Pale Ale forwarded floral-perfumed sweetness to tangy citrus subtleties and contrasted dry wood tones.

‘Crushable’ light pilsner, Blonde’s Blonde brought lemon-limed grapefruit zest and light melon hints to clean-watered mineral graining, utilizing tropical Sorachi, Citra and Galaxy hops to increase its easygoing citric nature.

The more pungent Imperial Blonde’s Blonde picked up dry piney hop resin to embitter its lemony orange tang and sugar-spiced malts, staying just as crisp and clean as its aforementioned lighter version.

Hybridized Amber Batch 2 balanced pale-malted toasted caramel sweetness with dry-wooded IPA-like fruiting without getting too bitter.

Exhilarating Tripel Belgian strong ale laced candi-sugar sweetness thru lemon-spiced banana esters, zesty orange seltzer spritzing, floral hop resilience and peppery yeast herbage.

Easygoing Brown Ale imbued roasted chocolate sweetness with brown-sugared dried fruiting and wispy spicily-perfumed Cascade hops.

Bringing rye-grained Black patent malts to the fore, Do What’s Rye’d (Black IPA) overrides its spicy dried fruiting with coffee-dried dark chocolate tones.

Mocha-bound wintry farmhouse ale, Chocolate Cherry Saison, relied upon spicy French saison yeast to awaken its dry cherry tartness, sweet banana subsidy and chocolate malt backbone.

Cold-infused Sumatra coffee invigorates Mo’s Joe Stout, a smoothly subdued mocha-blackened digestif with light cocoa, chocolate and espresso tones settling above its sugary toasted oats spine.