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BearMoose Brewing and Deep Cuts Deli Are Now Open in Everett


Inside a rustic Industrial warehouse posing as an old gray shack, BEARMOOSE BREWING COMPANY came to fruition June ’19 in Everett, a rural bay town just north of Boston. Headed by former homebrewer, Drew Gilman, Bearmoose’s well-balanced neo-traditionalist fare safeguards winsomely offbeat stylistic flare without shunning blue collar appeal.

Occupying a spacious 5,000 square foot building, the cavernous pub’s wood columned and floored white brick interior features a large L-shaped bar and large open space for left side brew tanks.

My wife and I grab seats at the makeshift outdoor patio on an unseasonably warm mid-March afternoon ’21 to down eight 5-ouncers.

BearMoose Brewing and Deep Cuts Deli Are Now Open in Everett

Stylistically bold pale ale, The Parkway, maintained a honey-malted pastry glaze as orange pith bittering, white peach tartness, yellow grapefruit tang and mild herbal respite ride above musky wet-grained minerality.

Pasty Dewdropper caressed its sour candied apricot tartness with dried fig-tangerine illusions and wispy honeysuckle nectar over a biscuity white wheat base.

Cinnamon sugar-rimmed autumnal holdover, Oh My Gourd, contrasted pumpkin-pied nutmeg, allspice and ginger sweetness against vegetal gourd earthiness and orange-oiled pale malts.

Zestful orange-peeled coriander spicing buttressed tangy peach-mango spicing and light lemony grapefruit bittering for witbier-inspired white IPA, Witty, a candi-sugared Belgian yeast-derived medium body with latent herbaceous pine needling.

Perfumed citrus zesting regaled dark herbal-floral tones for Hopta-Mystic, a West Coast IPA with a musky earthen grained English IPA dryness pacifying its orange, tangerine and clementine reluctance.

Grassy orange-oiled lemondrop tartness grazed bronze-hazed NEIPA, Galactic Haze, a dryer stylish diversion with dried apricot whims at the pasty pale malt bottom.

Another NEIPA, Double Trouble, contrasted honeyed orange-tangerine-peach sweetness and sugary pale malting against dry Citra-hopped pine tones.

Molasses oats sugaring coated bittersweet dark chocolate for Illegal Pour, a sweet oatmeal stout hiding its wood-seared hop char.


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With three locations as of my May ’19 trip, NIGHT SHIFT BREWING has become one of Boston’s most successful craft breweries since opening 2012. Just down the street from Bone Up Brewing and close to Everett’s colossal casino, this mighty red-bricked pub really gets crowded by loyal locals at nighttime.

A large overhead door leads to Night Shift’s high-ceilinged warehouse where 24 draught lines, a proprietary owl logo and colorfully designed (and individualized) blackboard beer listing crowd the bright blue-walled mahogany bar. Some simple community tables and a few round tables fill out the well regarded cement-floored pub.

A fenced-in patio near the entrance provides extra outdoor seating. Brew tanks are in the rear and a small stage area gets set up for local musical talent on occasion.

Best of all, most of Night Shift’s rangy brews (available in cans) really hit the spot, though the first few tried and reviewed down below merely offer an alternative to Bud-Coors-Miller fare.

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Effervescent aluminum-cleared lo-cal Mexican lager, Lime Lite, pitched agave-cologned tequila whimsicality to lemony lime zesting above its fragile white bread spine. Bud Light Lime alternative and nothing more.

Dry clear-yellowed moderation, Cul-De-Sac Cream Ale, brought grassy-hopped grapefruit and orange subtleties to musky corn-starched pale malt hesitance and wispy herbal snips.

Corn-whiskeyed phenols enveloped Outer City Limits Dry-Hopped Lager, a briskly carbolic light body with herbaceous hops and dry pale malts.

Next came a few fruitily tart hybridized Berliner Weiss-styled sour ales, dryly vinous summertime moderations with low alcohol volume.

Leathery mixed culture fermentation provided a firm sour foundation for Ever Weisse, an extremely popular variant with tart kiwi, strawberry and hibiscus adjuncts gaining mild lactic acidity, vinous lemon juicing, bitter green grape apprehension and oaken cherry dryness above saltine crackered spine. Try in lieu of strawberry rhubarb pie.

Similarly mixed-cultured sour ale, Blossom Weisse, loaded tart oaken cherries atop its lactic kilned wheat bed, leaving lemony green grape tannins in its wake.

Vinegary cidered wild ale, Zou Bisou Bisou Ale with Lemon & Juniper, brought agave-tinged lemon zesting and subtle juniper berry bittering to musky hop-oiled astringency, leaving a slight metallic sheen upon the teasingly whiskey-grained finish.

Briskly sharp dry-bodied moderation, MVP New England Pale Ale (a spunky collaboration with Mondo), brought sunshiny grapefruit-peeled orange tanginess to lightly piney hopped bittering and juniper-licked gooseberry sourness. Tropical pineapple, mango, peach and guava illusions enhance its piney citrus splendor.

Thickly orange marble-hazed New England India Pale Ale imbued juicy grapefruit-peeled orange zest with lightly lingering herbal hop bittering countered by creamy pastry-like crystal malting.

Brisk One Hop This Time: Citra brought sunshiny lemon zest and floral nuances to resinous pine-hopped wet grass astringency, picking up mild pineapple, mango and tangerine whims.

Heady Fluffiest New England Triple IPA (the strongest version of Fluffy IPA at 9.7%) lets lemony grapefruit tanginess, heavily sugared pale malts and floral perfumed musk encounter harshly alcohol-burnt esters at lingeringly phenolic citric hop-embittered finish.

Heavily hop-charred black coffee bittering, wood-burnt ashen nuttiness and treacly Blackstrap molasses attached mild citric spicing for mocha-smoked full body, Exit 11 Black IPA, a musky Blackstrap molasses

Soy-sauced sour nuttiness contrasts toffee-spiced caramel malting and dried fig notions for thinnish bock-like schwarzbier, Nocturno Black Lager.

Sourly coffee-roasted Bakers chocolate entry guided Awake Porter aged with Coffee, leaving earth-scorched oily nuttiness along the ashen cocoa powdered finish.



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Just a few miles north of Boston inside a rustic red brick building at Everett’s heavy Industrial area, DOWN THE ROAD BEER CO. opened for biz in late 2017.

A casual warehoused pub with an evolving beer menu, Down The Road’s pristine epoxy-floored interior includes a colorful Greek God mural, rows of cafeteria-styled community tables and a raised bandstand for entertainers.

Its quartz-topped serving station features thirty draught handles and Edison light fixtures with glass-encased brew tanks right behind. A few retro pinball machines guard the front wall and a small couch area with TV fills the diagonal back end. A large front-walled projection TV shows Star Wars while my wife and I consume nine fine brews this sunny Saturday afternoon in May (2019).

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Salty pinkish magenta-hued Feyborn Berliner Weisse (blueberry derivation) stayed tart as subtle Maine blueberries received dry raspberry-cranberry respite while retaining spritzy carbolic briskness.

Floral-fruited herbal spicing lingered gently for highly amiable Justa Saison, where sweet banana, lemon meringue and tangelo illusions reach white-peppered barnyard acridity.

Lacquered citrus and musty dewiness fronted West Coast IPA, The Resistance, leaving raw-hoeneyed buckwheat and dry rye malts upon tangy lemon-grapefruit-orange juicing.

Admirable Sour Cherry Table Beer let its tart beet-sugared cherry rhubarb pie likeness gain lemon candied soda pop pep.

Straight-ahead West Coastest IPA crossed tropical fruit-spiced pale malting with minor wood tones.

Easygoing beige yellow-hazed Dreamtime New England IPA brought barley-floured yellow grapefruit juicing to zesty orange peel sweetness as well as yogurt-soured passionfruit and pineapple tartness (above grassy-hopped pine resin).

Nutty dark chocolate and chalky cocoa powder guided Dirty Shillelah Dry Stout, picking up a hop-charred walnut sear.

Dark-roasted chocolate malts swept up smooth medium-bodied dark ale, Devils Twins Porter, leaving cocoa, fig and walnut snips on the tail end.

Chewy brown chocolate sweetness spread across cookie dough richness for Darkest Night Imperial Stout, retaining mild coffee-caramel-molasses conflux and subtle bruised cherry tartness.


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Formerly Boston’s smallest brewery, BONE UP BREWING now occupies a cozily polished overhead-doored red brick warehouse with black metal-fenced front patio. Inspired by old school Belgian farmhouse brewing while celebrating American styles, this husband-wife-owned pub continues to gain popularity.

Founding heavy metal-loving homebrew spouses, Liz and Jared Kiraly, doubled their space and brought more brewing equipment when the place started humming along. In two-and-a-half years since August 2016, they’ve crafted three hundred small beer batches, creating an amazing one hundred-plus different draught offerings.

The left side fifteen-stooled L-shape bar (with canary yellow walls) features a few tables and multiple Edison lights. The serving station has twelve tap handles, one cask set up and a blackboard beer menu. Fabulous modern art crowds the walls and a left room drinking area has pinball and Ms. Pac Man games.

My wife and I visited Bone Up on a hazily sunny Saturday afternoon in May ’19.

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First up were the four flagship offerings.

Crisply light-bodied cream ale, Extra Naked, gathered floral lemon-oiled herbal musk for delicate maize-dried pilsner malting and restrained grainy hop pungency.

Next, approachable white ale, Key Lime, stayed dry as lactic key lime-juiced lemon meringue tartness settled above honeyed Graham Cracker wheat malts.

Straightforwardly easygoing India Pale Ale, Wasted Life, brought blitzing orange-peeled yellow grapefruit tanginess to subtle piney hop bittering and wispy floral accents.

Richly embittered robust porter, Shut Up Kelly, retained black-malted dark chocolate muck and nutty dark-roast coffee tones.

As for Bone Up’s seasonal or one-off fare, there were a few pale ales left untried (Unholy Alliance; Dance Bob; Chaos Reigns ), but a grisette, hibiscus saison, smoked wheat ale and tripel got tasted.

Sessionable saison, Lawn Chair Grisette, maintained a lemony orange-peeled grapefruit tang reinforced by oats-dried barnyard acridity.

Tart pinkish amber farmhouse ale, Loretta, doused sweet-tart hibiscus florality with a white-peppered lemon twist and herbal saison yeast funk.

Bacon-smoked wheat ale, Oink!, let Band-aid-like beechwood astringency contrast humble bourbon-staved sweetness to its dry pale malt base, leaving petite meat-cured pastrami, salami and chorizo snips at the back end.

Creamily smooth tripel, Joybringer, relied on lingered banana spicing, candied citrus tartness, syrupy peach sweetness and salted pineapple zing to counter its musky herbal respite and dainty floral bouquet.