BearMoose Brewing and Deep Cuts Deli Are Now Open in Everett


Inside a rustic Industrial warehouse posing as an old gray shack, BEARMOOSE BREWING COMPANY came to fruition June ’19 in Everett, a rural bay town just north of Boston. Headed by former homebrewer, Drew Gilman, Bearmoose’s well-balanced neo-traditionalist fare safeguards winsomely offbeat stylistic flare without shunning blue collar appeal.

Occupying a spacious 5,000 square foot building, the cavernous pub’s wood columned and floored white brick interior features a large L-shaped bar and large open space for left side brew tanks.

My wife and I grab seats at the makeshift outdoor patio on an unseasonably warm mid-March afternoon ’21 to down eight 5-ouncers.

BearMoose Brewing and Deep Cuts Deli Are Now Open in Everett

Stylistically bold pale ale, The Parkway, maintained a honey-malted pastry glaze as orange pith bittering, white peach tartness, yellow grapefruit tang and mild herbal respite ride above musky wet-grained minerality.

Pasty Dewdropper caressed its sour candied apricot tartness with dried fig-tangerine illusions and wispy honeysuckle nectar over a biscuity white wheat base.

Cinnamon sugar-rimmed autumnal holdover, Oh My Gourd, contrasted pumpkin-pied nutmeg, allspice and ginger sweetness against vegetal gourd earthiness and orange-oiled pale malts.

Zestful orange-peeled coriander spicing buttressed tangy peach-mango spicing and light lemony grapefruit bittering for witbier-inspired white IPA, Witty, a candi-sugared Belgian yeast-derived medium body with latent herbaceous pine needling.

Perfumed citrus zesting regaled dark herbal-floral tones for Hopta-Mystic, a West Coast IPA with a musky earthen grained English IPA dryness pacifying its orange, tangerine and clementine reluctance.

Grassy orange-oiled lemondrop tartness grazed bronze-hazed NEIPA, Galactic Haze, a dryer stylish diversion with dried apricot whims at the pasty pale malt bottom.

Another NEIPA, Double Trouble, contrasted honeyed orange-tangerine-peach sweetness and sugary pale malting against dry Citra-hopped pine tones.

Molasses oats sugaring coated bittersweet dark chocolate for Illegal Pour, a sweet oatmeal stout hiding its wood-seared hop char.