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In the heart of Glassboro serving dedicated brew hounds and attracting local Rowan University students, AXE & ARROW came into existence April 7, 2019. Head brewer, Greg Fletcher, learned his craft in Colorado before partnering with likeminded entrepreneurs, Josh and Krystle Lockman. The gallant trio then designed their seven barrel brewing system at bustling Glassboro Town Square, a pedestrian-friendly midtown patio garden.

The wood-toned studio-like interior has plenty of open space and includes a raw pine-walled 12-seat bar with 20 tap handles and raw pine-walled backing contrasting the stark black tile ceiling and green walled side wall (with 2 TV’s). There are several bark top seats fronting the bar while silver brew tanks bedeck the rear.

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My wife and I were Axe & Arrow’s first patrons on our noontime February ’21 Saturday journey.

There were three resilient golden hued or hazed New England-styled pale ales (two of the India pale variety) on hand for survey.

Soft-toned pale ale, Shattered Ceilings, brought sunny citric IPA fruiting to the fore as zestful yellow grapefruit and orange rind bittering contrasted subtle floral-perfumed spicing.

Musky lemon-dropped grapefruit bittering lingered gently above lightly creamed crystal pale malting for Nor’Easter, a hazy NEIPA with mild bark-dried grassy residue.

Another hazy NEIPA, crisply clean Brew Dragon, surged forth with lemony grapefruit peel and pith bittering retaining a mild hop char over delicate flaked oats.

A richer grain-hopped roast inundated bronze cleared Imperial IPA, The Axe, a stylish East-West Coast hybrid with moderate piney bittering spackling tangy orange briskness and tertiary pineapple-grapefruit daubs.

Lemony orange zesting picked up lightly lingered yellow grapefruit bittering for Azacca White Ale, leaving white-peppered herbage and prickly pear tartness near the white wheat spine.

Easygoing ambrosial sour ale, Pineapple Fluff, let zesty pineapple tartness engage powdered sugar marshmallow sweetness while its candied Pez-like lemon-limed pucker escorted mandarin orange/ clementine snips.

Herbal lemon-rotted musk countered the banana-clove whimsy of Squeaky Wheel, a huskier-grained hefeweizen.

Dewy sweetness encountered dark toffee sugaring to contrast the coffee-stained tobacco roast of Stubborn Goat, a dark-fruited weizenbock with truffle-like fungi molding.

Delightful dessert, Hardwired, a hazelnut coffee-enriched porter, gained toasted coconut sweetness, mild pecan buttering and distant cola nuttiness.

Though its peanut-buttered cacao powdering’s nearly lost in the mix, Black Gold Oatmeal Stout maintained a weedy earthen char that saturated its vanilla-beaned maple oatmeal spine and citric Cascade hop wisp.


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In a large brown aluminum fortress near Glassboro’s Rowan University, BONESAW BREWING CO. offers bucolic splendor for the former glass manufacturing borough. Opened June 2018, this family friendly brewing lodge spreads across 20,000 square feet and its patio-benched front porch leads directly to its overhead-doored interior.

Bonesaw’s capacious A-framed high ceiling features exposed pipes and fancy overhead lighting while the windowed rear brew tanks provide sudsy fare for the 33 draught taps at the 20-stooled left bar (with two TV’s and a blackboard beer menu). Metal furnishings and lacquered wood tables fill out the right side.

As my wife and I grab seats at the patio this sunny Good Friday afternoon, April ’19, I sample twelve fine offerings.

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For starters, wet-grained light body, Pummel German Pilsner, retained a musky herb-snipped lemon spritz and dry fennel snip.

Sweet Vienna malts, frisky dried fruiting and light biscuit-y breading defined Crimson Skull Vienna Lager.

Musky corn-dried moderation, Silver Queen Cream Ale, also suited blue collar thirsts with its quaint yellow fruiting and lightly sugared pale malting proving inoffensively easygoing.

A fine hybrid, Irish coffee-inspired Irish Queen Cream Ale saddled its cold-brewed coffee entry with whiskeyed vanilla sugaring to contrast the lactic milk souring and whimsical black peppering.

Better still, smoothly creamed éclair-headed Double Vanilla Cream – Nitro retained sweet orange-peeled vanilla caking and sugared pale malting for a dainty Creamsickle dessert.

Delightful Belgian witbier, Demon Blanc, laced wheat-honeyed banana sweetness thru lemony mandarin orange tartness, mild coriander-clove spicing and wispy herbal snips.

Stylishly dryer with light barnyard-leathered fungi herbage, Le Petit Demon Belgian Blonde let white-peppered lemon zest pep up its sweet banana continuance, tart mandarin orange spritz, sour guava tease and mild floral spicing.

Off-dry Amputator Doppelbock let brown-sugared dried fruiting seep into its dewy malt setting.

A juicy grapefruit-forward IPA, Swoosh maintained brisk lemon-zested orange rind bittering and slight herbal peppering to contrast tangy mango-peach-cantaloupe sweetness.

Dry cocoa nuttiness enamored Lone Squirrel Brown Ale, leaving black chocolate syruping upon its hop-charred walnut bittering.

Sweet milk chocolate gave Mr. Hanks Extra Stout a candied Milk Duds likeness embellished by coconut, bourbon and burnt caramel illusions to buttress its mildly embittered Blackstrap molasses-dipped coffee roast.

Serene espresso-milked coffee roast anchored creamy éclair-headed St. Bridget’s Dry Irish Stout, a St. Patrick’s Day favorite with a nutty reserve.