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Alongside the Sawkill creek waterfall near the Delaware River in a gray aluminum-sided log cabin, LOG TAVERN BREWING COMPANY, began its journey on this Milford, Pennsylvania crossroad during 2018. Taking ‘pride’ crafting a diverse range of traditional styles, former home brewer, Ryan Scott, makes some of the area’s most enjoyable tonics.

Log Tavern’s charmingly rustic warmth and earthy downhome conviviality fits the outdoorsman atmosphere local natives and visiting ‘brewpies’ adore. A slate-top serving station with twelve draught lines (and two blackboard beer menus) sling suds for the Yeti-logoed pub. A floor-to-ceiling earth-stoned hearth, round bark-based wood tables and multiple framed pix fill out the cozy lodge-like interior.

A wood-benched side deck with small fire pit plus a separate covered side deck offer plenty of outside seating.

My wife and I share a personal pizza while downing all ten available brews this briskly cool April ’22 afternoon.

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Dry aluminum-cleared light cream ale, Tavern’s Gold, maintained soft grassy-hopped lemon oiling for its corn-husked white bread bottom.

Mild helles lager, Helles Fire, retained a dainty herbal lemon spritz over wispy sourdough breading.

Spritzy lemony orange and tangerine zesting picked up grassy hop astringency for off-dry 570 Pale Ale, pacifying its baked French breading.

Lemony orange-dried herbage awakened Lit Wit, leaving soap-stoned chamomile, sage and ginger all over its perfumed cannabis resin.

Enchanting tropical fruited New England IPA, The Revival, dripped mild lactose upon lemony yellow grapefruit zesting and grassy piney hop bittering as limey guava, mango and melon subtleties enjoin peachy mandarin orange tanginess in the distance.

Another vibrant NEIPA, Milford Mosaic, allowed orange-peeled grapefruit tanginess and ancillary spicy mango-peach sweetness to absorb mild piney hop bittering.

Coniferous hazy IPA, Beyond The Pines, coalesced sunshiny yellow-orange fruiting with lacquered pine tones, sprucy juniper licks, herbal rosemary-thyme minting and floral-daubed cologne wafts.

‘Heavily dank-hopped’ Imperial IPA, Timber Beast, regaled floral-perfumed lemony orange-grapefruit zesting and musky juniper berry bittering for recessive peaty fungi mossing.

Cold-brewed coffee greeted semi-sweet dark chocolate for Pike County Breakfast Stout, leaving black-peppered Brazil nuttiness on its molasses oatmeal spine.

Creamily lactic sweet stout, Peanut Butter Sawkill, spread peanut butter across coffee-stained dark-roast hop bittering with fine results.