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In the new Industrial outskirts of Newark, Delaware, MIDNIGHT OIL BREWING COMPANY came to fruition at Pencader Business Park during February 2018. Its prominent black insignia hangs from the tan brick edifice that encompasses this huge 15,000 square-foot high-ceilinged cement-floored brewing warehouse.

A 14-seat serving station features nine draught handles and a cool purplish blue chalked Midnight Oil painting at the bar’s frontage. Ten surrounding tables and some window seating are also available plus the elegant left side lounge area has two couches and a TV. A wood paneled beer list centers the bar.

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I took a seat at the side of the bar to try four interestingly disparate brews during a half-hour July ’19 afternoon stopover.

Basic, mild and approachable flagship brew, Neutrino Blonde Ale, brought spicy mandarin orange subtleties and a lemony spritz to dewy earthen moisture above its gentle white bread spine.

Juicier Serenity Mandarin (an orange offshoot which also includes peach, strawberry, mango and pineapple versions) let dainty mandarin orange tanginess pick up lemony grapefruit, tangerine and clementine snips above a sugared pale malt base with easygoing splendor.

Lactic raspberry pureeing soaked into vanilla-beaned blonde ale, Your Mom, leaving sour melon rind, tart watermelon and juicy pineapple illusions on the tail end of its bittersweet raspberry rhapsody.

Dark-roast coffee and black chocolate bittering consumed Reilly Irish Stout, an oats-charred full body with dewy earthen mossing and slight anise spicing that gains a nutty remnant.

There were five more beers on draught but I had limited time so I returned a year-and-a-half later.

I revisited Midnight Oil to consume eight more brews New Years Eve, 2021.

Dry German light body, Slingshot Pils, let herbal lemon whims reach raw-honeyed spelt and oats in an easygoing manner.

Crisply dry kolsch, Neutrino, retained easygoing crisping as straw-dried barnyard astringency and salted herbage grazed lemon-dropped tartness to its French bread bottom.

Tartly dry Your Mom, a mild blonde ale with raspberry, vanilla beans and lactose, let lemon-soured strawberry tartness sit upon the fluffily creamed tongue as oaken vanilla phenols buttressed celery-watered rhubarb pie piquancy.

Mildly vinous plum-dried gose variant, Plum Pulse, blended Amarillo-hopped piney citrus-daubed Impulse IPA with lemony coriander-salted green grape esters.

Mellow floral-daubed yellow grapefruit zing, zesty orange peel sweetness and tangy pineapple slither combine with dehydrated lemon licks for dry-hopped India Pale Ale, Subspace Anomaly, leaving mild pine needling on the dainty citrus-spiced finish.

Candi-sugared dried fruiting glazed dewy Temptress Quad, leaving sugarplum, red cherry, date and wintry spices in its wake.

Ashen mocha nuttiness and Blackstrap molasses draped Midnight Porter, mingling walnut-charred coffee tones with dark cocoa bittering.

Semi-sweet dark chocolate bittering gained sour coffee-stained edge and ashen nutty hop char for Insomnia, a lactic-soured mocha stout with cacao nibs powdering outpacing cherry-stewed Tahitian vanilla beaning.





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Boasting the simple slogan ‘tasty suds and laidback grub,’ Newark, Delaware-based nanaobrewery ARGILLA BREWING CO. may’ve come into fruition during February 2012, but brewer Steve Powell’s father manned Pietro’s Pizza since 1978. Starting with a home kit brewing system ’round 2008, Powell became increasingly interested in designing craft beers, inspired partially by Anchorage, Alaska’s Moose Tooth Pub & Pizzeria and Washington State’s eclectic breweries. A former Iron Hill brewer, Powell’s general fare is soft-toned, daintily expressive and well-rounded, pairing well with the tremendous assortment of pizza pies offered.

Inside the red-bricked Meadowood Mall, Argilla celebrated its fourth anniversary recently. A small stage with pink couch and beer list line the right side wall while left side seating and wooden booths surround the central food and bar area. Windowed brew tanks at the left rear served seven approachable ales on my April ’16 lunchtime sojourn. My wife ordered the delectable Arugula Pie to go with my house-brewed samples. Waylon & Willie, Johnny Cash and several other country artists play in the background while several locals start to arrive.

It’s worth noting that Argilla also has a refrigerator full of respectable bottled-canned Delaware beers from Dogfish Head, Fordham & Dominion, 16 Mile, Mispillion River, Third Wave and Blue Earl (all of which I found later on this fun-soaked statewide journey).

For starters, easy drinking Blonde On Belgian brought brisk lemon zest to mandarin orange tartness, coriander-spiced banana sweetness and candi-sugared crystal malts. Next, sweet-honeyed Session Pale Ale mixed lemony grapefruit souring with mildly bitter orange rind tang. Just as mild, raw-honeyed Golden Goldings gained a subtle lemon spritz over bready malts, herbal hops and vegetal hints.

Bettering those delicate choices was soft-toned Meeting House Pale Ale, the nitro version of Session Pale Ale. Its lemon-pitted grapefruit and orange tartness gained prominence above doughy English yeast fermentation.

Dried oats anchored mildly embittered Toatally Falconer Oat IPA, a polite lemon-limed spritzer with astringent hops guiding piney grapefruit pith briskness to the surface. ‘Fruit juiced’ Flute Luplin, a wildflower-honeyed Imperial IPA, delivered a delightful citric punch above creamy pale malts as its lemony grapefruit and orange tang quietly surged.

Before hitting the road, lovely oats-flaked dry body, Sin City Stout, contrasted light coffee and cocoa bittering with medium-roast brown chocolate sweetness and wispy dried fruiting.

By June ’16, Argilla will expand brewing operations from 1.5 barrels to a 3-barrel system.



Newark, DE - Iron Hill Brewery

Took terse two day excursion to northern Delaware, February ‘06. At first stop, situated in the heart of historic colonial town, Newark, lies the original IRON HILL brewpub (the first of five within 50-mile radius). Amongst well-kept rustic red brick buildings, this University of Delaware hotspot only served beers I’d already reviewed at West Chester, Pennsylvania pub months earlier.

Main Street deck welcomes patrons entering to prominent centralized cedar bar (with 4 TV’s). Rear dining available. Wood oven pizzas, brunch specials, and nifty appetizers went well with lighter brews.

On drive back to Route 95, stopped in State Line Liquors, a great beer shop (with 400 choices) bordering Newark in Elkton, Maryland. Bought Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout (and Oak Aged version), Heavyweight Saison-Spicy, Three Floyds Black Sun, Rogue Seahorse, and Lia Fail Stone of Destiny.