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Five miles south of Hartford lies residential township, Newington, where CARSON’S BREWHOUSE began business in ’09, but closed down by 2011.

A former HOPS brewpub, this freestanding brown-tanned restaurant-brewery (with flat-slated base) served simple blue-collar fodder for nearby mall rats and mid-scale locals, May ‘10. Its open mid-sized interior featured a center rectangular bar with twenty seats and two small TV’s surrounded by sided dining space. Windowed kitchen served Americana steak-seafood-burger menu including recommended French onion soup with Aegean Salad (feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, oregano, and red onions).

Rear glass-encased brew tanks served mainstream fare such as popcorn-fizzed maize-dried raw-honeyed Carson’s Light, astringent citric-vegetal corn-oiled phenol-hopped Golden Lager, and best-selling mocha-fruited Carson’s Amber Red. Better were coffee-dried chocolate-seeded resin-hopped peanut-shelled walnut-embittered Brewhouse Porter and seasonally available honey-buttered lemon-dropped wheat-paled Honey Bock.