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Completely redesigning and renovating the same blush pink-fronted commercial industrial space defunct brewery, Prism, previously occupied, MC ALLISTER BREWING COMPANY crafts some of the most expressive beers in Pennsylvania. Re-creating a loosely defined Speakeasy feel, this tidy North Wales pub came to fruition December 2018.

Dedicatedly detailed co-owners Mike and Kate Mc Allister got inspired to open their own small brewery during a honeymoon trip to Denver’s Great Ameircan Beer Fest. College friend, Seth Montz (a former military man) then joined the married couple (a cop and nurse) on their nostalgic zymurgic venture, niftily capturing the spirit of yore.

A rustic warehouse turned into a Prohibition Era saloon, this nifty watering hole features a sidewinding 20-seat mid-space mahogany bar with twelve-plus draught handles. Its snazzy original wood floor, reupholstered wood booths, olden red brick walls, exposed ceiling pipes and four front tables retain a certain antiquity.

When the weather’s fare, there’s a roomy metal-furnished front deck with siding for extra seating. A small billiard-centered game room’s to the right upon entering and the brew tanks are behind the bar.

McAllister Brewing Company (North Wales, PA) – Straight From The Tap

My wife and I chow some beer-cheesed pretzels while dabbling with a dozen dandy delectables early February, ’22.

Judiciously combining stylish orange-peeled coriander spicing with tangy peach zest and banana pureed clove sweetness, fulsome witbier, Movin’ To The Country, heightened its fruitful fortitude with spritzy red cherry, pineapple, pink grapefruit and strawberry illusions plus random cucumber-humidified watermelon rind snip. Highly recommended.

Dewily soft-toned yellow-cleared German pilsner, Gras Mahen, let dry perfumed citrus musk seep into lightly spiced cereal graining.

Dryly citric-spiced Winter Lager plied its sharp orange-peeled cinnamon stick adjunct and nutty cocoa tones to subtle woody Chinook/Simcoe-hopped bittering.

Bubbly orange-juiced champagne spritz pervaded Mimosa knockoff, Baller Beermosa, a Citra-hopped moderation with an Orangina soda twist.

Tart blood orange adjunct gathered citric-derived tangerine, clementine and mandarin juicing for Hindsight, a sugary pale malted NEIPA.

Sharp grapefruit-peeled orange rind bittering and dry wood tones informed Shovel Buddy, a briskly moderate Citra-Apollo-hopped New England IPA.

Packing a punch while retaining a mild mouthfeel, multi-hopped Imperial IPA, Blackthorn, mingled waxy grapefruit-peeled tangerine, mandarin orange and tangelo oiling with resinous dank wood tones and musky grains.

Nutty mocha and sour dried fruiting saddled mossy First Love Brown Ale, allowing black grape, fig and prune desiccation to flourish below the surface.

Confectionery sweet-toothed brown ale, Campfire S’More, loaded yummy vanilla-sugared marshmallow, toffee and butterscotch above its honeyed Graham Cracker base.

Dry cocoa-beaned dark chocolate syrup draped Porter’s Porter, leaving coffee-burnt vanilla tannins on its bitter back end.

Buttery Chardonnay wining, creamy banana liqueur and burnt orange murk grazed tripel-like malt liquor, Clown Puncher, a Scotch-licked, corn-liquored 9% ABV strong ale.

For an early nightcap, rich bourbon vanilla-creamed brown chocolate sweetness anchored Sir Fuzzy Pants, a burgundy-licked bourbon-aged Imperial Stout with hazelnut-glazed pecan, almond, praline and coconut niceties.



Situated in the back of a tan stucco professional complex along the railroad tracks in rural North Wales (north of Philly and east of Lancaster), PRISM BEER CO. opened October 2010. Brewer Rob De Maria, a Philly native, gained experience brewing keg-only beers. Retaining his formative recipes, but using different yeast, the former corporate worker initially found creative release as a home brewer.

Sojourning to Prism for a few after dinner libations, mid-July 2011, I got to encounter several approachable, yet totally experimental, craft brews. Entering through yellowed wood doors to a ten-seated L-shaped bar (with centered TV and nearby jukebox), this diminutive spot also had three wood tables and a glass-walled rear section storing brew tanks. A bottling line ready to be assembled downstairs will increase volume for this splendid neighborhood dig.

Alongside eight diverse selections, I downed a Prism Dog frankfurter dubbed Purple (loaded with chipotle beef chili, red onions, and pineapple relish). Lighter thirsts will appreciate citric-bound Shady Blond, with its dry lemon spicing and tart blood orange snip. Buttery pale ale, Par Tea, brought a mild black tea bittering to grapefruit-peeled lemon zest and apple-spiced wining.

Another softie, Funk Zone, a peculiar dry-bodied Irish Ale, possessed a surprising cinnamon cider theme reinforced by a tart lemon-peeled lime pucker, piquant brettanomyces souring, and maple syrupy ginger-nutmeg-allspice innuendo.

Dry clover-honeyed Bitto Honey IPA placed woody-hopped bittering, apple-skinned citric tartness, and floral spicing beside crystal malted almond-marzipan sweetness.

Moving to the even more stylistically deviant darker ales, there were four intriguingly indefinable aberrations. Deliriously fascinating Death March Hopless Black Ale allowed a vibrant star anise entry to abet lemon-peeled green apple tartness and ascending red-black licorice illusions.

Though listed as a traditional Black & Tan linking Par Tea’s citric regalia to Death March’s licorice flourish, Flying Magic Zebra’s prominent star anise luxuriance nullified any expectant mocha insistence. Also independently freewheeling, Love Is Evol Brown Ale overwhelmed its advertised strawberry tartness with plentiful jalapeno peppering as well as stove-burnt coffee, dark chocolate, and walnut illusions. Another stylistic departure, Insana Stout, hid bacon fat, coffee beans, and wild berries beneath soy-sauced smoked chocolate.

At Four Points By Sheraton, May ’13, refreshingly smooth Felony Imperial IPA brought citric-pined oily hop resin to maize-flaked backdrop, leaving ripe grapefruit and lemon fruiting.  

Prism’s maniacally investigative offerings will captivate adventurous beer hounds, but nonchalant neophytes need not apply.




10 miles northwest of Philadelphia, North Wales’ red-bricked black-awninged IRON HILL BREWERY is located inside The Shoppe At English Village, visited September ’07. Redwood furnishings brought elegance to right and left side dining (with glass-encased brew tanks set behind), center square bar with twin TV’s, and rear open hearth serving pizza-sandwiches. Quaffed creamy-yet-phenol yellow-fruited grassy-hopped gourd-lurked Oktoberfest.