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Heading North on Route 91, bought Harpoon’s Munich Dark Lager and Abbey Style Ale at Windsor warehouse (formerly Catamount Brewery), then 10 miles hence purchased Jasper Murdock’s Old Slipperyskin IPA and Whistling Pig Red Ale (reviewed in Beer Index) at colonial-styled relic, NORWICH INN, December ‘05.

A tiny English-styled brewpub-ensconced restaurant since ’93, the short dining room bar had samplers of hazelnut-chocolate-spiced maple-malted anodyne, Jasper Murdock’s Private Stock, and chocolate-roasted coffee-embittered fruit-soured Stackpole Porter during initial sojourn.

On November ’06 trip, sampled dark chocolate-malted, tea-embittered, black licorice-tinged, lactose-sugared Jasper Murdock’s Famous Sidekick Mild Ale and soft grapefruit rind-fronted, wood hop-embittered, lemon-dabbed Jasper Murdock’s Last Picked Pale Ale.

January ’09, consumed honey-spiced cherry-berry-backed Jasper Murdock’s Oh Be Joyful English Brown Ale and mild barley-toasted fruit-spiced crystal-malted Dr. Bowles Elixir (Amber Ale) at bar with brewmaster Patrick Dakin.