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Though rumored to be shutting its doors as of my pleasant early Febraury ’24 visit, HYSTERIA BREWING COMPANY is located next to Lost Art Distillery in a red brick warehouse at the Baltimore suburb of Pasedena, Maryland. A green Hysteria insignia leads patrons to the spacious taphouse.

Resembling a cozy living room with its parlor booths, book shelving and table games, Hysteria re-creates English-style cafe culture. The cement-floored, black-and-gray-walled interior features an L-shaped 10-seat bar with four-seaters and community tables. Exposed pipes and the silver brew tanks add to the rustic atmosphere.

A white-tiled draught board offers only three house beers on my half-hour sojourn, but they’re all fine.

Floral perfume-spiced yellow and orange fruiting stayed semi-sharp for Falling In Love Again India Pale Lager, picking up light herbage over sugared pale malts.

Espresso nuttiness and dark-roast coffee anchored The Morning After Coffee Stout, a milk-creamed lactose-induced full body.

Dark chocolate-y light roast coffee and oats-sugared maple molasses enriched lovely Old Mill Oatmeal Stout, leaving fudged brownie remnants.