World renown Vermont-based moderation (in canned version) compares favorably to equally revered Russian River’s Pliney The Elder in all its fruitful splendor. Despite ‘Heady’ 8% ABV and massive 120 IBU hop measure, soft-tongued India Pale Ale retains a creamy eggshell head and lusciously well-balanced charisma. Lemony grapefruit, orange and tangerine juicing sweetened by honeyed peach, nectarine, mango, pineapple and guava tang as well as sugar-spiced caramel malting and floral-perfumed lavender, dandelion, elderflower and daisy bouquet. Dank hemp-oiled piney hop resin fortifies the back end. Proprietary cultured yeast boasts plenty of character without getting overstated. Believe the hype!

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