German Food Portsmouth, VA


One of the most popular Portsmouth gastropubs, the generically-named BIER GARDEN offers authentic German and European food plus 25-plus taps and hundreds of craft beer bottles (listed in an intense cardboard notebook). Right in the heart of Olde Towne’s High Street just a few blocks from the Chesapeake Bay, this family-owned Bavarian restaurant opened during 1997 and quickly developed a loyal fan base.

A trellis-flowered front deck just down from the entryway patio leads to an open-air dining space sidling a covered outdoor deck and exquisite left side dining area.

The home-styled Bier Garden’s red brick foundation, bright blue window trimming and ever-present green plants immediately capture the eye.

An aged-in-the-wool accordionist plays Oktoberfest oom pah music as well as polka and Italian ballads for outside diners.

My wife and I chow down on vegetarian-styled Kase Spatzle (a German-noodled, Havarti-cheesed, onion-fried dish) and Jagerschnitzel (mushroom gravy-sauced pork-loin) this gorgeous Saturday afternoon, August ’17.

Since I’d already tried every German draught available today, I imbibe one terrific Kentucky ale – Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Stout (a creamily oak-toasted full body with dark-roast chocolate and silken vanilla sweetness fully reviewed in Beer Index).

All journeying beer lovers will enjoy this unique Bavarian-flavored destination.

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