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A unique experience blending the art of brewing, TRACK 3 MICROBREWERY & COFFEE HOUSE opened in springtime 2019 at a cozy mall-bound shop in the small northern Philly suburb of Drescher.

Inspired by great music and the love of fresh coffee and hand-crafted beer, TRACK 3 features framed wall photos of famed rockers such as Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. The sterling grey epoxy-floored interior consists of sturdy metal-wood chairs and tables, rows of Edison lights (attached to the black pipe-exposed ceiling) and a small centralized serving station.

A colorful blackboard provides beer, coffee, cider and tea choices and the brew tanks are hidden ’round back.

A fine barista-styled nanobrewery with an expansive selection of quaffable elixirs, Track 3 has gained the attention of local minions in a short period of time.  Image result for track 3 microbrewery and coffee house dresher pa

My wife and I consume seven beers on our happy one-hour November ’19 stopover.

Mildly lime-embittered cherry rhubarb tartness regaled lightly sour Tart Cherry Upper Duberliner Weisse, a dry salted coriander-licked moderation with only minor acidity.

Piquant lemon-candied orange tartness and white-peppered herbal notions contrasted soapy banana-bubblegum-clove respite above honeyed Graham Cracker wheat malting for Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It, a soft-toned witbier lacking chutzpah.

Toasted amber grains and subtle rye spicing welcomed 88 Special Red Rye Ale, retaining orange-spiced tartness and leafy hop foliage in the dewy back end.

Creamy vanilla-sugared sweetness glazed Shake Your Rump Blood Orange Creamsickle Milkshake IPA, a resilient medium body with snappy yogurt-soured lemony grapefruit tanginess providing sharp bite.

Tropical Mosaic-Moteuka hops provided passionfruit, guava, mango and kiwi tartness for I’m Easy Hazy IPA, picking up sneaky lemon souring and grassy astringency by the dry finish.

Milk-sugared brown chocolate sweetened Night Train Porter, a resilient dessert treat with creamy vanilla and light roast coffee tones rising above sedate charred hop bittering.

Dark roast coffee dominated chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut sweetness for Baby Bottle Coffee Vanilla Stout, a lusty mocha nightcap.


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