Residing at a large 10,000 square foot facility with a 20 barrel brewing system, WALLENPAUPACK BREWING COMPANY opened for business September 30, 2017. Along rustic Route 6 in the northeastern Pennsylvania borough of Hawley, an old coal mining community now home to many summertime activities, this pristine microbrewery certainly impressed its nearby citizenry. During my initial July 4th, 2018 sojourn, the place is packed by lunchtime with local minions readied for fine pub fare and well-crafted brews.

Inside its capacious high-ceilinged confines were an 8-stool L-shaped right side bar with ample side and back room dining. Wooden tables and metal chairs also adorn the echoey aluminum-roofed space. A left side hearth adds warmth and the wood-enclosed side patio offers extra seating.

20-plus tap handles serve homemade brews from the large silver brew tanks in a glass-encased room behind the bar. I got to try four samplers on-site and brought 4-packs of popular fare including Lake Haze Double IPA, Largemouth IPA and Paupack Cream Ale (reviewed in Beer Index).

Engaging moderation, Smoke On The Water, let mild rauchbier-like beechwood smoke to spritzy lemon zest above brown breading.

Brisk Seeing Double Red Ale plied sharp India Pale Ale fruiting to biscuit pale malts, leaving orange-peeled grapefruit and pineapple tanginess alongside mellower apple and pear illusions.

Approachable collaboration with Bonn Place Brewing, Nattmara Black Lager, took an interesting twist blending mild molasses-sapped maple, coniferous spruce and mossy fern.    

Busy Riverbed Black & Tan regaled molasses-sapped black chocolate malting with appealing cherry snips to counter dry wood-charred hops.


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