Tasting Room - White Birch Brewing


Going from a small June 2009 startup nanobrewery in nearby Hooksett to a 13,000 square-foot Industrial mall-bound behemoth by 2017, WHITE BIRCH BREWING enjoy pushing the envelope crafting a wide variety of sour ales alongside less daringly sophisticated stylistic fare.

Located in Nashua three miles northwest of downtown, White Birch’s elegant custom wood designed interior features a white-tiled bar, tabled side room with TV’s and far right brew tanks.

During my September ’22 Friday visit, I downed six rangy Berliner Weisses, a German-styled lager, a New England IPA and a Belgian stout.

Sessionable dry helles lager, Birch Lite, got things started with mildly musky raw grained minerality and lemony Noble hop herbage.

Briny lemon tartness, spritzy lime zesting and bubbly champagne fizz guided OG Berliner, lathering its lactic acidulated wheat base.

Limey watermelon rind souring and Jolly Rancher-candied tartness engaged Watermelon, sweetened beneath by a spicy Graham Cracker base.

Candied tangerine saltiness defined Tangerine, leaving mild clementine, mandarin orange and tangelo illusions in its wake.

Lemony blueberry-pureed pomegranate dryness led The BOM, a lightly acidic Weiss with mellow peachiness and salted strawberry tartness.

Peachy mango tanginess added sunshine to Peach Mango, a tropical fruited Berliner Weiss with briny lemon zest, watermelon rind tartness and toned-down acidity.

Pina Colada-like sour wheat ale, Pineapple Coconut, engaged salty coconut-creamed pineapple puree with limey mezcal tease. 

Abstruse pasty-fruited NEIPA, Hawaiian Friday, let briny pineapple-pureed coconut milking provide Pina Colada cocktail likeness buttressed by lacquered mango, guava and kiwi tropicalia and weird cologne-soaked sage snip.

Belgian-inspired Imperial Stout, Indulgence, plied cocoa-dried dark chocolate bittering to mild coffee respite, dry burgundy wining, sarsaparilla sweetness and anise spicing.

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