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Unsure if stylistic integrity is betrayed or if correct balance is achieved with sour ale-leaning German dunkel (in canned version). Certain odd complexities abound after cascading tan head settles above caramel-hued body. Fungi yeast earthiness inundates vinegary green apple and white grape tartness as well as bubbly champagne pucker, disrupting mild chocolate malting. Unduly dried orange musk and murky ashen walnut char congest embittered citric-spoiled finish. Expectant banana sweetness lost in the muddled mix.


Closer to a vanilla porter than its semi-nebulous Belgian wheat styling indicates and far adrift from Shock-Top’s popular flagship brews, Raspberry  Wheat or Belgian White, this fudge-creamed chocolate wheat ale may lack expectant Belgian chocolate spicing, but there’s no denying the impact of vanilla bean and cocoa ‘aging.’ Vanilla fudge sugaring spreads across the chocolate-caked interior to its dark wheat-malted spine. And the addition of dried cocoa fortifies the dry-roasted hops.