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One mile down the road from Saint James Brewery in a beautiful beige-stoned Industrial park, 1940′S BREWING COMPANY makes a wide variety of Classic-styled craft brews in their small 5-barrel operation. Opened during 2014, owner Charles Becker’s father used to brew at Rheingold while brewmaster Jon Bregel proves to be a resourceful zymurgist.

The brewery’s prominent front-windowed sign welcomes patron to the rustic two-room setting. The light brown walled serving room featured a wood finished wraparound bar with golden 1940′s emblem above 15 tap handles plus Edison lights and cornered flat-screen TV.

A separate side room had community tables and barreled stools.

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A friendly, relaxed atmosphere was shared by a full house this rainy Saturday afternoon, May ’18. I grabbed a middle seat at the bar and consumed thirteen well-balanced brews. I bought a crowler of 1940′s flagship Wicked Chowdah IPA for the road (reviewed in Beer Index).

Daintily lemon-candied Bohemian Blonde provided a fine light-bodied opener with its grassy hop astringency bringing proper acridity to its oats-flaked white wheat graining and sweet crystal malting.

Tart blueberries sweetened a tad for Sapphire Squeeze Blueberry Ale, where sour lemon tartness battled back dry chocolate malts above its Bohemian Blonde base.

Just as easygoing, Hefe Injustice, left its stylish banana-clove sweetness upon doughy French-breaded crusting and soapy carbolic spritz.

Plain raw-honeyed Oh Bee Have Cream Ale let grassy hop astringency upend sour lemon rot and light herbal notions.

Dry-hopped lemon and orange souring regaled Vienna Waits For You Kolsch.

Strawberry-laden Hipster Weisse coddled its spritzy sour lemon salinity with perfumed dry spicing and tart cranberry snips, finishing with a puckering strawberry lucidity.

Caramel-toasted Starboardown Irish Red glided spicy red cherry, red grape and raspberry illusions into crisp tobacco-roasted earthen dew.

Brisk West Coast-styled Airfield IPA brought orange-peeled grapefruit tang to light pine tones and caramel-spiced pale malts.

Affably soft-tongued Column Shifter Double IPA retained a juicy grapefruit, orange, tangerine and pineapple tang over barley-roasted Maris Otter malts.

Pleasantly hop-roasted Change At Jamaica Black IPA balanced dried fruited tartness with dark chocolate malts.

Black-malted dark chocolate and coffee saddled semi-rich Brunch Porter, a cookie dough-bottomed medium body with tertiary black cherry-pureed nuttiness.

Dry Sinners Mass Oatmeal Stout affixed moderate dark chocolate and vanilla bean bittering to raw molasses-backed oats. Its nitro version obtained black cherry, cola nut and espresso subsidies for the dry mocha rhapsody.




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Established in 2012, SAINT JAMES BREWERY makes fine artisanal Belgian-styled ales out of mostly locally sourced farmhouse ingredients.

Visited during a Saturday downpour in May ’18, the pristine Industrial warehouse-bound brewery (with windowed bird emblem) is located right near Long Island’s MacArthur Airport in the town of Holbrook.

Its interior resembles a straightforward, no nonsense Belgian pub with its hardwood chandelier at the foyer, wood-barreled stool seating, nuevo metallic furnishings and high ceilings. The red-floored space also includes a large-screen TV and large backroom brewtanks.

I tasted large samplers of six fruitful delights on my initial journey.

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Effervescent Rachelle Blanche brought lemon-soured orange peel tanginess to bruised banana tartness and setback clove-bubblegum-vanilla illusions above sugar wafer-like wheat malting.

‘Smooth alcohol warmth’ serenaded Biere des Chevaliers, an easygoing dubbel with beet-sugared molasses sweetness and dry plum wining covered in musty earthen dew.

Delightful medium body, Tripel, supplied candi-sugared fruit spicing with peaty barley malts and herbal restraint.

Mildly sour Pomme loaded cider-like red apple tartness and mild pomegranate juicing atop subtle barley hops.

Dry cherry-soured Cerise contrasted pomegranate-cranberry dryness with mild molasses sugaring.

Best of all: fantastic holiday ale, Biere de Noel Quad, let lightly creamed chocolate malts settle alongside dark cherry, burgundy and Syrah exuberance, tobacco roasted crisping and blackcurrant snips.



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Making some of the crispest East Coast India Pale Ales your heart will desire out in Long Island, diminutive warehouse-bound SPIDER BITE BEER COMPANY also earns big points for its awesome Boris The Spider Russian Imperial Stout (reviewed in Beer Index) and several other stylishly resounding offerings.

An eight-seat bar with eight tap handles, proprietary bottled-canned selections, beer banners and one TV crowd the small main room as a few tables near the overhead garage door provide more capacity. Brew tanks are off in the back end.

Dry tea-like Craft Cares Irish Red Ale placed fig-spiced caramel malts alongside mossy peat earthiness and nutty biscuit residue.

Sweet ‘n sour saison-fruited Blanc Grisette let lemon zest, sour orange and vinous grape gain a tart edge above leathery dry hops.

Approachable Fundur Session India Pale Ale brought tangy orange-peeled peach, grapefruit, mango and tangerine illusions to dank piney hop musk and herbal spiced licks.

Juicy Second Bite India Pale Ale let its bittersweet orange-peeled grapefruit tang awaken grassy hop astringency, pungent earthen musk, tingly sugar spices and grainy pale malts.

Less pronounced and more subtle, IDK IPA allowed subdued Nelson Sauvin hops to add passionfruit and gooseberry tones to its floral citrus midst and soft biscuit base.

Dry-bodied Melba’s Toasted Brown Ale offered a crisp tobacco roast to wheat-floured Melba toasting and soft spicing.

 A cool little spot the locals love, Spider Bite’s definitely worth the ride.