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Refined copper-bronzed ‘Finnish ale brewed with juniper twigs’ described thusly as a light barleywine, adjunct brown ale, special winter ale and rustic Euro sahti. Subtle medium-bodied intricacy combines brown, white and Belgian chocolate spicing with brown-sugared caramel roast. Molasses rye breading and toasted almond whim settle into the delicate mix. Vanilla bean, rum raisin, maple, cherry, and apple illusions flow through tertiary dark nuttiness. A mild complexity worth exploring.

Huvila Arctic Circle Ale | Shelton Brothers


Simply divine copper-hazed beige-headed Finnish Sahti, brewed jointly by Sweden’s Dugges Brewery and Norway’s increasingly popular Nogne O, brings botanical mead-like honey wine spicing to luscious red-fruited center and chewy caramel-malted rye spine. Floral-accented cherry-bruised quince-berry-peach fruiting countering bitter pine-needled juniper twigging hides medicinal absinthium 11% alcohol whir. Dewy chamomile, caraway, lavender, and heather illusions seep into heady digestif.

Nogne O & Dugges Sahti | GotoLiquorStore


Complex amber-hazed moderate-bodied sahti (essentially a Finnish-styled farmhouse ale) retains soft summery Saison savor. Black chai tea frontage gathers mellow yellow-fruited India spicing to accent honey-malted sweetness. At midst, dry lemon drop tartness picks up orange pekoe wisp, gin-like juniper tease, and fresh eucalyptus herbage as ginger, cinnamon, clove, and cardamom nuances dance around ascending lime-hopped citric zest.

Dogfish Head Sahtea: Sneak Peek | BeerPulse


Juniper branches provide teensy gin hint to loud 7% alcohol-fumed rust-hazed Finnish sahti. A veritable fructose rush brightens dry-hopped bittering. Juicy quince-peach-nectarine tang segues to wispy lemon dollop, sour apple pucker, and bruised cherry crinkle. Wet barnyard waft deepens rye-breaded bottom of summery medium-bodied libation.


Impressive moderate-bodied deep-amber Finnish-styled farmhouse ale benefits from expressive red-fruited tang, squeeze-dried fig-date souring, and surprisingly high 10.4% alcohol luster, growing in complexity to plum-prune finish. At midst, red wine sensation quells vinous yellow grape tartness to wood-toned earthiness. Champagne-fizzed Chardonnay buttering and dry burgundy musk reach rewarding port-dried sweet sherry finish.