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An essential part of Williamsburg’s Renaissance, BROOKLYN BREWERY is located alongside Brooklyn Bowl and one block down from Mc Carren Park in the heart of hipsterville.

Opened during 1988 and gaining tremendous exposure from world renowned brewmeister, Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery makes one of the finest lagers ever invented – for starters.

During July ’19 on a sweltering Friday evening before my High Times softball game, I got to once again peruse the mighty warehoused pub. Inside a rustic brick-walled space with several community tables and a 30-seat U-shaped wood-top bar with silver mash frontage, this large watering hole features multiple draught taps. A makeshift stage area with colorfully painted mural fills the far left bar area.

Tonight, I grab the four-sampler package with previously untried suds (Petite IPA, Come As You Weary English Dark Mild, 1,001 Nights Saison and Stonewall Inn IPA) alongside a pint of complex Sherry-aged cocktail-styled barleywine, Capataz. All are reviewed at Beer Index.



On tap at Craft House, fascinating barrel-aged rye ale with botanicals and bitters reminiscent of a sugar-spiced gingerbread cookie on first sip. Dry WhistlePig rye whiskey malting deepens ‘classic cocktail,’ as light orange and lemon-peeled gentian root bittering contrasts mild cherry-juiced cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and clove adjuncts as well as wispy Belgian candi-sugared bourbon vanilla syruping. High end 19th century-derived 10% ABV liqueur perfect for the holidays.

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