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Fantastic Belgian Kriek gains sour-fruited Flanders Red Ale influence by blending tart Bing cherry sweetness with champagne-fizzed oaken cherry tartness and medicinal cherry-candied astringency. Lightly acidic green grape tannins and puckered cranberry sourness contrast ripe red apple juicing and subtle strawberry sensation beneath rosé-wined cherry serenade.

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Durable oak vat-aged lambic spreads loads of sweet ‘n sour cherry tartness above lemony green apple pucker, vinous green grape acidity, sparkling champagne spritz and raspy strawberry-raspberry conflux. Light grassy hop bittering validates dry oaken cherry midst. Cherry-wined rosé, pink moscato, riesling and white merlot illusions deepen candied cherry conviction.


Only true sour heads will appreciate spontaneously fermented pink-headed garnet-bodied lambic. Pungent mouth-puckering cherry vinaigrette bittering and sour lemon-limed acidity dominate ultra-dry gueuze-like Belgian. Leathery green grape tannins and tart oaken cherry musk pick up mildewed cellar mustiness. Tertiary crabapple, cranberry and raspberry rasp adds further sourness. Brash sour ale complements sea crustacean and shellfish.

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Intensely sweet rosy amber-hued malt beverage with natural flavoring retains syrupy cherry soda pop sugaring. Maraschino cherry ripeness contrasts mouth-puckering Grenadine souring, tannic red-green grape tartness and minor medicinal murk. Tertiary strawberry, cranberry, watermelon, tangerine and red apple illusions peak through cherry-bound Jolly Rancher sway of sweet-toothed 4% dessert treat.


Debatable cherry-soured American Wild Ale with Flemish Red Ale leanings (and labeled a Belgian kriek) lacks efficient carbolic nature but scores points as a brettanomyces-laden Sour Ale. Aged in oak barrels, its tart cherry pucker gets underscored by cork-y cider dryness, vinous green grape tannins, raspberry vinaigrette musk and frisky white-peppered snip. Leathery farmhouse funk saddles oaken cherry theme.



One of brewers’ most popular and well-integrated sour ales, remarkable Belgian-styled Flanders red ale retains soft-flowing tannic grape bitterness as well as sweet fruited tartness and fermented lactic acidity. Oak barrel-aged cherry sourness retrieves musty Sauvignon-Cabernet warmth and vanilla-spiced cranberry-raspberry wisp crowding loud carbolic fizz. Sweet cider and rhubarb cherry pie illusions fill the middle as grassy horse-blanket earthiness parches vinegary white grape pucker at the backend. Wispy nutmeg-clove spicing adds depth and overall acidity never overwhelms.

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