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On tap at 381 Main, updated 2013 version of understated Vienna lager (with marzen tag appended) betters less specific Denver-based original. Autumnal leafy foliage and dewy earthiness pick up mild yellow fruiting. Sharp hop spicing tingles wispy nutty caramel malting to its honeyed wheat spine. Tertiary peach tea, dried orange and baked apple nuances fade to grey alongside wet cardboard snip. 2015 bottled version: evenly spread caramelized Vienna malting, honeyed wheat sweetness and leafy hop foliage regale tightly structured marzen (with brisker carbolic spritz). Subsidiary brown-sugared pumpkin spicing and molasses-sapped gingerbread sugaring upend astringent metallic snag.

Flying Dog Dogtoberfest Märzen | BeerPulse


Outstandingly balanced 2011 version of autumnal Vienna-styled amber lager brings bright red-fruited spicing, dewy peat graining, and leafy red-brown-yellow foliage to biscuit-y honeyed wheat spine. Dainty cinnamon-gingerbread nicety augments juicy red grape, red apple, and red cherry fruiting. Its multitudinous flavor profile gets perfectly integrated, showing no seams. An amiable, first rate Oktoberfest crossing all boundaries.