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On tap at Seven Lakes Station, inscrutable anti-autumnal golden-hazed India Pale Ale boasts no seasonal pumpkin spicing but retains soured tropical fruiting and fungi-shadowed cucumber watering. Despite advertised blackberry boysenberry and grape influence, tartly soured mango-guava-pineapple illusions, lemon-rotted lime zest and wispy Sauvignon wining gain traction over light piney hop dankness. A weirdly eccentric hybridized IPA sour ale fans may grasp.

No) Pumpkin - Sloop Brewing Co. - Untappd


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A true backyard farmhouse brewery in the agrarian community of Hudson Valley hamlet, Elizaville, SLOOP BREWING COMPANY has gained a solid reputation since its modest 2011 auspices (becoming a mega microbrewery in 2018).

Founders Adam Watson and (brewmaster) Justin Taylor began operations while maintaining day jobs and expanded to a full-sized microbrewery soon after.

Specializing in India Pale Ales and a few sours, Sloop’s fare retains a clean mineral-watered crisping that’s conducive to making real fine East Coast IPA’s.

Inside a gray 19th century barn house on the 134-acre Vosburgh Orchards, Sloop features a farmstand with local goods to complement its sturdily fine brews.

Olden lights decorate the centralized serving station (with its lacquered tree bark top and white-lettered wood-planked Sloop Brewing sign adding antique splendor). The 10-draught back bar also includes various wood plaques listing each proprietary beer.

A bigger second Sloop spot in Fishkill is due to open, April 2018.

“Classy” Rosé IPA let delicate rosé whims caress wispy Malbec red wine juicing and vinous green grape tannins as dry Nelson Sauvin hops brought latent tropical tones.

Closer to a pale ale, Segal Bomb IPA regaled a light citrus fruiting and mild candied spicing as herbal hops left oily foliage on tertiary mango-papaya-pineapple tropicalia.

Daintily delectable Super Soft IPA (with its Teddy Bear-rainbowed insignia providing visual pleasure) relied on tangy grapefruit, peach, mango, pineapple, orange and tangerine salience, light dry wood tones, subtle hemp-oiled hop musk and gentle spicing.

Spicier (No) Santa IPA retained a well-balanced citric hop briskness and refreshingly crisp grapefruit, tangerine and orange tang. Like most Sloop brews, it’s totally smooth and never over-the-top.



On tap at Blue Ribbon Tavern, enjoyable full-bodied toasted coconut dessert treat gets amplified by fudgy brown chocolate, brown-sugared molasses, cacao nibs, vanilla bean and toffee sweetness, retaining rich nutty mocha profile above moderate dark-roasted hop bittering. Resilient oats-honeyed coconut toasting never loses ground against massive chocolate insistence. A wintry pina colada aged on cocoa nibs.

Sloop Coco Baked